Obama Using Free Syrian Army in Proxy War to Justify Future Attack

Kofi Annan, UN envoy to Syria, has quit his mission by stepping down from his attempts to facilitate peace through his 6 point peace plan.

Mainstream media is blaming Annan for failing to bring peace in an obvious redirection of attention to the actuality of the situation in Syria. While Annan’s stepping down was strategic, this is but a segway to the purpose of the plan to invade Syria as a fake “last resort”. Assad is perfectly aware of this.

Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, spending months supposedly pushing peace, while truly threatening all surrounding nations that the US and Israel are gaining ground to have full international backing of their strong desire to strike Syria and remove Assad.

Obama has signed an order giving financial and military support to the FSA. A crafty directive was written, giving the US greater covert “non-lethal” assistance and the State Department “set aside” $25 million for the fake revolutionaries.

The US Treasury has granted release of funds to the FSA through the Syrian Support Group (SSG), a Washington representative of the FSA to conduct financial transactions. The SSG’s “vision” is to “promote the establishment of a free, independent and democratic Syria.” Whenever the ideals of democracy are brought to a foreign nation, through the assistance of the US government, American interests in the resources of that nation are evident.

Under the cover of humanitarian aid, and feigning participation with the UN Security Council on a four-pronged strategy to impose stricter sanctions; these efforts of “non-lethal aid” are designed to squeeze Syria and force them to acquiesce to the US.

The “ showdown in Aleppo ”, where the full extent of the arming of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) can be exposed, this is simply a pre-cursor to war.

Through this proxy war, the US has sent in their go-to terrorist organization, al-Qaeda to provide recruitment and training to the FSA for the most effective attacks while the US works on the international community.

Members of FSA openly admit they are fighting for al-Qaeda. Abu Khuder, militant in the FSA explains: “We have clear instructions from our [al-Qaeda] leadership that if the FSA need our help we should give it. We help them with IEDs and car bombs. Our main talent is in the bombing operations.”

Abu Thuha (a pseudonym) is an al-Qaeda operative who claims that “we have experience now fighting the Americans, and more experience now with the Syrian revolution. Our big hope is to form a Syrian-Iraqi Islamic state for all Muslims, and then announce our war against Iran and Israel, and free Palestine.”

To keep information from getting out, cell phone and internet signals have been blocked. The FSA is being trained by the CIA in Turkey and unleashed with US grade weapons onto Syrian governmental forces. NATO forces have joined the covert mission of the US government to effect as must devastation as possible before the real battle officially begins.

There have been reports that insurgents are showing up in Turkey, attacking the CIA bases; perhaps in a tactical war effort.

Gerard Araud, President of the UN Security Council admits that NATO forces are focusing on appearing to be assisting with humanitarian efforts while their covert mission is to help the CIA funded fake revolutionaries.

The globalist rhetoric coming from the UN Security Council is a non-binding resolution that condemns Syria for using “heavy weapons in the fight against rebel forces”. Essentially, the UN is punishing Syria for defending itself from being taken over by foreign invaders.

Russian and China, recognizing the speedy framing of Syria in an obvious stunt to encourage international support, have vetoed previous resolutions against the Middle Eastern nation.