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Craigslist Armed Robberies Reported in Akron

Remember when Akron was shocked by robberies? Well it’s back again. In the past ten days, three separate armed robberies have been reported stemming from Craigslist sales arranged in Akron, Ohio. The perpetrator appears to be targeting Craigslist Akron users attempting to sell smartphones and other electronics. According to local police, the suspect tells sellers to…

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EXPOSED: Internet Radio Host Pete Santilli Revealed as FBI Informant

UPDATE: Presstorm Media has issued a threat to me regarding this article. This person, who is a Pete Santilli sympathizer, claims to have documentation showing that Zeeda Andrews placed donation-funds into her “personal checking account”. Presstorm Media is actually a hired gun. While demanding a retraction, this person also issues a threat that by “10pm tonight to…

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