Russia Today: State-Funded Propaganda Masquerading as Alternative Media

Russia Today (RT), considered a member of the alternative media, receives its funding from the Federal Budget of Russia as allocated by the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation. This means that RT is state-sponsored television and therefore would be slighted to the propaganda machine of globalist agendas as set forth by the Russian government.

In 2005 – 2006, the Russian government invested $30 million in RT which has been given autonomous non-profit status in order to further muddy its ties to the Russian government.

RT is tied to RIA Novosti, the propaganda machine for the Russian people masquerading as a “news agency” that dates back to the USSR Council of People’s Commissioners and the Communist Party Central Committee whose task was to “oversee work to cover international, military events and the events of the country’s domestic life in periodicals and on the radio.”

This long-standing Russian propaganda front has its roots in the Soviet Information Bureau (Sovinformburo) that morphed into a special bureau of propaganda in the 1940s to cater to foreign nations through magazines, newspapers and radio stations.

In the 1990s, Mikhail Gorbachev decreed that this agency be imbued with powers to “To provide information support for the USSR’s state domestic and foreign policies and proceeding from the interests of the democratization of the mass media.” The name of the agency was changed to Information Agency Novosti, yet it remained in authority over all news in print, radio and television that exited the USSR; and now Russia.

RIA Novosti created RT in order to have a global information platform. The claims in the initial phases where that it would remain independent, yet this would be impossible considering it is funded by the Russian government.

RT offices are located in the former location of the RIA Novosti Russian Union of Journalists. It is asserted that the two organizations are independent of each other.

With the example of Russian propaganda television at its foundation, RT has morphed into the perfect mixture of the British BBC and the US CNN, with a hint of alternative flair with guests such as Stratfor agent Alex Jones and former writer for the Rothschild-controlled Economist, Julian Assange.

Questions concern Assange’s connections to the CIA and his ability to expose “leaked” information. As a psy-op, the manifestation of Assange and WikiLeaks has effectively used engineered operations of secret document exposure to give the appearance of forced political responsibility for intelligence and policy failures. This is detailed in the CIA document entitled, “The Secret Team”.

The CIA connection to Assange creates an avenue where fake leaks of documents can be made to give the illusion to the public that they are privy to secret information.

Meanwhile, the CIA “people-power coup” has been integral in many fake revolutions both in the streets of foreign nations and on the internet.

WikiLeaks assisted the US government’s overthrow of the Tunisian government. Assange’s portrayal as a lone wolf just trying to expose corruption has aided the US government as the perfect psy-op cover that convinces individuals to rally in favor of their hero, Julian Assange, and keep his crusade alive.

Globalists in the Kremlin with ties to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace believe that Vladimir Putin has used RT to boost the image of Russia as an exposure of truth as was supposed to be the purpose of the alternative media before it was co-opted by disinfo agents. By feeding foreign journalists with relationships with peers overseas, RT has become the perfect combination of public relations, lobbying corporation and honeypot to those fooled by veiled reports supported by Russian intelligentsia.

RT has contended that their state funding is nothing more than a formality and that their purpose is to “bring the West an image of Russia closer to what Russia really is.”

The US government-owned Voice of America (VOA) has claimed in an interview with Anton Nosik, chief editor of the Russian site Mos-News, that RT “smacks of Soviet-style propaganda campaigns.” Yet RT remains entangled with its Kremlin sponsors who control editorial content. The integrity of RT is maintained by a “public council” without safeguards as to the free flow of information that is put out.

Nosik maintains that the Kremlin-controlled RT allows its readers and viewers to see only what the Russian government deems acceptable. “We expect to see that life in Russia [is] improved, that [the] Russian government is doing all in its power, that [the] Russian economy is healthy and sound, that Russia is a good place for investment, and that Russia is the most progressive country in the world and that Russia is the hope of all progressive mankind. That is the ancient Soviet propaganda picture that has been recreated by the current authorities because they sincerely believe in it and want the rest of the world to believe in it as well.”

Konstantin Prebrazchensky, former KGB officer, said that RT is “a part of the Russian industry of misinformation and manipulation.”

US mainstream media has also bashed RT as being “like the Voice of America, only with more money and a zesty anti-American slant.”

In the world of alternative media, it is difficult to know who is not controlled by the globalists. Most of the news we receive has been filtered in one form or another. Just as the technocratic entities like the Rothschild dynasty have funded both sides of every war, the information war is being waged against our minds with sleight of hand, brand loyalty and the basic resolution that most of those listening or watching is simply ignorant of the truth.