Facial tanning lamps are perfect for winter

Tanned in winter

Rather than trying to get a holiday tan from turning your face to the sun, try modern, effective facial tanning lamps. Why? Are they safer and do they give you a natural-looking tan? Anyone who wants a fuss-free way to get a super bronzed tan will be interested in knowing more about these portable lamps for tanning. Read more about it here on Occupycorporatism.com.

The tanning lamps have different UV light ranges. The tanning lamps are installed in the facial tanning unit. The lamps come in a number of configurations considered standards in the industry. The quality of your tan will depend on the spectrum of light that comes from the lamps.

High-pressure lamps or High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps are different from low-pressure lamps. They are essentially used for face lamps but are also used for full-body tanning. Wattage ranges tremendously and you will find 15-watt lamps to 400 watts and much more. You get hundreds of hours of usage. Between 500 to 1000 hours, tanning bulbs lose their potency and need t to be replaced.


These high-pressure lamps use quartz glass and don’t filter UVC. But because UVC can be so dangerous, a dichroic filter glass is required to filter out the UVC and UVB.  With low-pressure lamps, unlike high-pressure lamps, the glass filters out UVC.


You can say that fluorescent lamps are more common in the tanning industry. The lamps vary in size and range between 80 to 160 watts. Light output also ranges across a spectrum, including UVA and UVB, as well as visible light and infrared.


All fluorescent lamps are made up of a glass tube with a phosphors coating. To determine the proper lamp type for your tanning lamp, always follow the manufacturer’s recommended lamp replacement guide.

Create a full-on Glow

A useful feature of these high-intensity lamps is that they use distinctive lights that filter out a lot of UV light. They enable sufficient light to pass across so that you get an amazing sun-kissed look.

You do require some UV rays and the UV light from the lamps acts as natural sunlight which enhances the production of vitamin D. Vitamin D offers a person plenty of health benefits.

Also, most health experts and health personnel actually prescribe UV light as a super treatment for depressed patients. However, the filtering of UV rays is important as it is protecting your skin from experiencing any harsh reactions.

Which facial tanner works for you?

Before you rush out to buy your new tanning lamp, think about your skin type. The strength of the lamps will determine your tanning time. With any lamp, when you’re starting out for the first time, you need to adjust the exposure time.

It makes sense as the new lamps will be stronger. Determining the exposure time will be explained to you in the instruction manual that comes with your facial tanning lamp.

Sun lamps emit rays of ultraviolet radiation. They emit primarily UVA radiation with a small amount of UVB. Lamp design will determine the percentage of UVA and UVB emitted.

We asked Marina Gottlieb, a specialist for facial tanning lamps from Germany, what to check before buying a facial tanner:

“It is very important to check which facial tanner suits your skin type. Not every model is suitable for all skin types. There are several websites that do a facial tanning lamp test and pass on the experience to the customer. Often the best model from the test of the upper body tanner is not suitable for everyone and another model is better for your own skin type. “

(„Es ist sehr wichtig, zu prüfen welcher Gesichtsbräuner zu dem eigenen Hauttyp passt. Nicht jedes Modell eignet sich für alle Hauttypen. Dafür gibt es mehrere Internetseiten, die einen Gesichtsbräuner Test durchführen und die Erfahrungen an den Kunden weitergeben. Oftmals ist der Testsieger der Oberkörperbräuner nicht für jedermann geeignet und ein anderes Gerät ist passender für den eigenen Hauttyp.“)


Of course, there are many different facial tanning lamp brands to look at. We’ll mention one or two so you get a gist of what you can expect.

Sperti Fiji Sun

This is a popular brand. An at-home tanning system like this is attractive because of its portable size. This isn’t only a facial tanner as it covers far more than your face.

People use it to tan their legs and back as well. Thirty percent of the lamp’s output is UVB rays while the other 70% is made up of UVA rays. The sunlamp comes with an automatic timer and you can tilt it as you need. What’s cool is that there aren’t any complicated gimmicks. You simply plug the lamp in.  Once your tanning session is over, the timer automatically shuts the unit off.


The Sweetdream UV Tanning Lamp

Used for the face and body, this is one of those tabletop lamps which is angle-adjustable. It has 15-watt bulbs. It comes with free UV wavelength goggles. The lamp can be used tilted down a bit to reach your chest. It’s ideal for sectional body tanning.

Other leading brand names

People who have used the KobbTan Facial Tanning Lamp say it does its work well but that it doesn’t last too long. The Beurer IL50 Lamp is seriously popular. It’s nice and compact and you can angle it as you like.


Always check out customer reviews

There is one important tip for these facial tanning lamps. Check out customer reviews. People can be brutally honest when they’ve spent money on something that doesn’t work. Customer reviews can be a guiding light for you as to what tanning lamps will be a good buy. As with everything in life, there are positive and negative opinions. A lot depends on the person you are.

Who knows, you may even come across information on the many more benefits of facial tanning lamps. There are far more benefits than disadvantages.

When you start looking at facial tanning lamps, do research and choose wisely. There are some excellent lamps to choose from, and apart from tanning, they’re a great help to people with skin problems and those suffering from depression.

Facial tanning lamps have become a bit of a buzzword since covid-19 has kept people indoors. With these facial tanning lamps, you can achieve an even, natural-looking glow without risking going into the sun.

Say what you like, lightly tanned skin is super glamorous, and with fab facial tanning lamp buys, you’ve got your chance to shine.