Wall Art Décor Trends for 2020

It’s down to two and half months before 2019 ends, and you know what that means! It’s that time when new trends for the upcoming year are made known. When it comes to interior decoration, a lot of trends from this year will still be in use, but there will be many new decoration trends to spruce up your living spaces.

If you’re planning a renovation project or even building a home, 2020’s interior decoration trend will be focused on nature-inspired aesthetics that puts emphasis on comfort. Here are some wall art and décor trends to look out for:

Wallpapers with nature motif

Wallpapers are still in, creating a beautiful art work that is more than just a surface covering. Now, it is used more as a wall art. For the upcoming year, wallpapers with a natural theme or that which depict nature at its best is the rage. Softer hues and more neutral colors are favored when it comes to choosing wallpapers.

Wall posters that have anything and everything to do with nature are a must in the homes this year. From landscapes to bodies of waters to mountains and even animals go with 2020’s nature motif in general. The bolder the colour of these nature wall posters, the better too.

Textile art

This year’s biophilic theme promotes sustainability as well. Textile art is one such step towards decorating interiors with sustainability in mind. Fibers from plants and insects will be a rage this year. Although long been in use as a décor, textile art in 2020 will become even more popular. Earthen hues and natural shades are best examples of textile arts to use next year.

Linear wall art

The authentic simplicity of lines drawn in a canvas is its greatest aesthetics. Prominent lines in a bold background go great with almost all kinds of interior styling. However, it works best with minimalist, contemporary, and classical themes. A nice, clean look that screams power and beauty at the same time – an elegant wall art that will surely create a lasting impression.

Vertical garden

Vertical gardens inside the home provide a space where one can enjoy total peace and relaxation. When setting up a vertical garden, put it in an area with ample space. Keep in mind to grow the plants in the vertical garden beforehand to create a beautiful effect.

Color blocks and geometric shape wall paints

Bold and attractive, wall paints that feature color blocks and geometric shapes are a thing next year. Choose colors that go well with each other, creating a harmonious visual appeal that is both relaxing and charming to look at.

Biophilic and botanical prints

Next year is all about nature! What better way to showcase nature in your homes than the use of biophilic and botanical prints. From blooming flowers, green plants, to succulents and cactus, anything green, lush, and natural will be the craze in 2020. Make sure to carefully select the prints you’re picking to create a balanced design.

Be at one with nature – this is how the newest interior design trend for 2020. Keep the inspirations above in mind when renovating or styling your home, but never forget to let your own creativity and personality shine through!