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Craigslist Armed Robberies Reported in Akron

Remember when Akron was shocked by robberies? Well it’s back again. In the past ten days, three separate armed robberies have been reported stemming from Craigslist sales arranged in Akron, Ohio. The perpetrator appears to be targeting Craigslist Akron users attempting to sell smartphones and other electronics. According to local police, the suspect tells sellers to…

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The Latest News and Updates on the Iraqi Dinar from Dinar Guru

The Iraqi dinar has been a hot topic among investors and currency enthusiasts for years. Many have been closely following dinar guru sites like Dinar Recaps and Dinar Detectives, looking for the latest updates and opinions on the future value of the Iraqi dinar (IQD). With so much interest in the potential revaluation of the dinar, gurus like MarkZ, Frank26, and others have emerged to provide their…

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