The Latest News and Updates on the Iraqi Dinar from Dinar Guru

The Iraqi dinar has been a hot topic among investors and currency enthusiasts for years. Many have been closely following dinar guru sites like Dinar Recaps and Dinar Detectives, looking for the latest updates and opinions on the future value of the Iraqi dinar (IQD).

With so much interest in the potential revaluation of the dinar, gurus like MarkZ, Frank26, and others have emerged to provide their take on the IQD. Supporters believe the currency is dramatically undervalued and will significantly increase in value, resulting in huge returns for dinar investors.

Let’s dive into everything you need to know about dinar guru.

Understanding the Iraqi Dinar

The Iraqi dinar is the official currency of Iraq. It was introduced in 1932 and has gone through several changes over the decades due to economic sanctions and the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

After the Gulf War in 1991, UN sanctions severely devalued the IQD. Over decades of inflation, the exchange rate fell from $3 per dinar to around $.00086 per dinar. Following the Iraq war, the new government introduced new banknotes devoid of Saddam’s image.

Currently, the exchange rate hovers around 1,470 IQD = $1 USD. Many dinar speculators believe once Iraq stabilizes and rebuilds, the dinar could revalue to around $3 – $5 per IQD. However, the road to stabilizing Iraq politically and economically has been long and uncertain.

Common Topics Covered by Dinar Gurus

Dinar gurus provide their own unique brand of news, rumors, predictions, and commentary about the Iraqi dinar’s potential revaluation. Here are some common topics you’ll find if you follow the gurus:

  • Expected revaluation rate – Gurus speculate on how high the IQD may climb in value. $3 – $5 per dinar is a popular target.
  • Possible revaluation timeline – Gurus analyze events in Iraq and attempt to predict when the elusive RV might finally occur. Common timeframes are “by the end of the month” or “early next year.”
  • Behind-the-scenes intel – Gurus frequently share mysterious rumors from “secret sources” about revaluation plans happening covertly in Iraq.
  • Historical dinar info – Details on Saddam’s currency policies, pre-Gulf War exchange rates, and the dinar’s origins in 1932.
  • Investment tips – From safest places to buy dinar to tax implications of cashing out, gurus provide guidance for maximizing profits.
  • Calls to buy more dinar – Many gurus encourage buying more IQD while the value is still low before the pending revaluation.
  • Warnings about “guru hype” – Occasionally gurus warn about getting caught up in RV hype and suggest diversifying holdings.

Dinar Gurus to Follow

Here are a few of the most popular dinar gurus and sites that provide regular news and analysis about the future of the Iraqi dinar:


A popular guru who shares Intel from mysterious contacts in Iraq, known as “marks.” His site provides nearly daily updates on potential revaluation timelines.


A long-time dinar speculator who frequently analyzes Iraqi politics and events as clues to the IQD’s future. Frank26 streams live videos with regular updates.

TNT Tony

Known for his wildly optimistic predictions, Tony believes the RV is constantly right around the corner. His site TNT Dinar features Tony’s live streams.

The Dinar Daily

This site aggregates rumors and opinions from various gurus. A popular source for consolidated Iraqi dinar news.

Dinar Detectives

Focuses on gathering intel and rumors from Iraqi dinar chat forums. Also features updates from gurus like MarkZ.

Dinar Recaps

Recaps of calls and online updates from major gurus. This premier site compiles all the latest dinar news and rumors.

Common Topics and Terms Discussed

The world of dinar gurus comes loaded with its own unique terminology and topics of discussion. Here are some examples of words and phrases you’ll routinely come across:

  • 800 Numbers – Special phone numbers to exchange dinar when the RV finally happens
  • Dong – Nickname for the Vietnamese currency also speculated for revaluation
  • IQD – Abbreviation for the Iraqi Dinar
  • Mrv – “Multi-revaluation” theory that multiple currencies will RV simultaneously
  • NDA – Non-disclosure agreement preventing talk of post-RV events
  • Proof of Funds – Documentation to prove you hold dinar, for financial transactions
  • RV – Revaluation, the long-awaited event dinar holders are waiting on
  • SKRs – Safe Keeping Receipts used to safeguard dinar
  • VNN – Vietnam News Network covering dong revaluation news
  • Zim – Zimbabwe currency also expected to see a major revaluation

Dinar Guru Predictions and Speculation

The primary focus of dinar gurus is making predictions about when the Iraqi dinar will revaluate. They analyze Iraq politics, events, agreements, and much more, looking for clues.

It’s not uncommon to hear gurus make bold proclamations like:

  • The RV is absolutely going to happen by the end of the month
  • My most trusted contacts all confirm the RV is imminent
  • Everything is now finally in place for the RV to trigger at any moment

However, many of these predictions fail to pan out. The Iraqi dinar has yet to significantly revalue against the dollar.

Critics argue gurus are continuously moving the target to keep dinar investors engaged and on the hook. But guru supporters counter that Iraq is making genuine progress, and the RV could still materialize.

Most gurus suggest diversifying your holdings and not going “all in” on the dinar. The RV is not guaranteed, so manage risk accordingly.

Opinions on the Viability of a Dinar Revaluation

There is passionate debate within the dinar community on the legitimacy of a pending revaluation. Here are some perspectives:


  • As Iraq rebuilds, their currency could gain value close to pre-Gulf War levels.
  • Iraq’s immense oil reserves could propel growth and allow the dinar to appreciate.
  • Suppressed by war and uncertainty for decades, the true value of the dinar has not been realized.
  • Examples like the Kuwaiti dinar recovering value after the Gulf War provide historical precedent.


  • Currency revaluations of this magnitude almost never happen. Foreign exchange moves are typically gradual.
  • The current dinar exchange rate is an accurate reflection of Iraq’s economy and global standing.
  • Reissuing new banknote denominations does not impact the actual value.
  • Pumping billions in dinar into the economy would have negative consequences.
  • Dinar “news” from anonymous sources in Iraq is dubious and unreliable.


Most experts say moderate investment in the dinar as a speculative play may be acceptable, but believers risk substantial losses if the RV never happens.

As with any potential investment, thorough research and careful analysis is advised before buying any significant amount of Iraqi dinar. Factoring in guru rumors is not enough.

Tips for Getting the Latest Dinar News

If you want to follow the chatter and latest gossip in the dinar community, here are some tips:

  • Bookmark guru sites like Dinar Recaps and Dinar Detectives for quick access to updates.
  • Follow gurus on social media to get their commentary in real time. Many are active on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Watch guru live streams on YouTube, Twitch, Discord, and elsewhere. Several broadcast weekly videos and calls.
  • Join dinar chat forums to interact with other investors and discuss rumors as they break. Just beware scam artists.
  • Take rumors with a grain of salt. Unsubstantiated sources and claims are common. Verify information when possible.
  • Understand guru incentives. Generating excitement benefits gurus even if predictions fall through. Approach bold claims skeptically.
  • Don’t rush into big dinar purchases based solely on guru assertions. Do your own measured research before investing heavily.

The Bottom Line on Dinar Gurus and Revaluation Speculation

While the dream of an exponential Iraqi dinar revaluation persists among investors, the reality remains elusive. The road to rebuilding Iraq has been slow and uneven over the past two decades.

Dinar gurus provide intriguing speculation and optimism about the future, but many predictions have failed to materialize. Despite claims of inside information and inevitable windfalls, no RV has emerged.

Cautious, diversified investment in the dinar as a speculative play may make sense for some risk-tolerant investors. However, completely counting on a massive dinar revaluation is extremely risky if not reckless.

Approach big claims from dinar gurus with skepticism. Seek out balanced perspectives on the likelihood of a major dinar appreciation before investing based on rumors alone. As with any potential investment, thorough research and careful analysis is advised.

Stay tuned to the dinar guru community for continuing coverage of this fascinating currency saga as it unfolds in the years ahead.