UN’s IPCC Neglects Geoengineering, HAARP Causing Global Warming in New Study

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is claiming that extreme heat waves and record high temperatures this year are direct effects of climate change.

Scientists for the IPCC stated:

“It is very likely that there has been an overall decrease in the number of cold days and nights, and an overall increase in the number of warm days and nights, at the global scale.”

The 592-page report went on to claim that projected increases in magnitude and frequency of extreme events would occur in many regions. The report also predicts:

  • tropical cyclones and hurricanes will be more intense than in the past
  • more heat waves and record hot temperatures worldwide
  • increased downpours in Alaska, Canada, northern and central Europe, East Africa and north Asia

Chris Field, ecologist of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, warns:

“There is disaster risk almost everywhere.”

The report specifies that US Coastal regions are in imminent danger from hurricanes and rising seas by 20 % by 2030. Texas would be threatened by storm surges that could double by 2030. Mumbai, India could become uninhabitable because of flooding, storms and rising seas.

One point that the IPCC does not make in their report is the effects of reengineering on the planet. Governments have been using weather modification to change the planet’s natural bio-spherical patterns. Chemtrails, dumping barium, aluminum, and other toxins into the atmosphere, have the effect of warming temperatures. The aluminum meant to reflect the sun’s heat out into space also traps the heat from the Earth’s surface causing a stagnant layer of extremely hot air. What scientists call the “greenhouse effect” is actually a direct causation of this geo-engineering process.

Droughts are formed when the chemicals released into the air bind moisture particles in the atmosphere. This causes precipitation to be reduced to nothing.

The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in Gokona, Alaska, a collection of transmitters pointed toward the sky. The US government claims HAARP is a scientific experiment for learning about the properties and comportment of the upper atmosphere (ionosphere).

In Documents from the UN’s General Assembly on Decolonization in 2007, HAARP was designed (among other things) to cause disruption in weather patterns. HAARP’s tell-tale signs have been reported just before some of the most devastating “natural” disasters of recent years.

  • Electrical disturbances visible in our upper atmosphere days before earthquakes in Japan and China.
  • Rippled line cloud formations caused by radio wave interference and streaking lights in the skies before the earthquakes in Chile and Haiti.
  • HAARP has also been cited as steering hurricanes like Katrina to ensure the storm made direct landfall.

Conveniently, the IPCC is claiming man-made global warming is causing the weather patterns and problems that are developing. It benefits their agenda to blame humans for these disasters when they have plans to control the world through global governance. To gain such an immense power over the entire population, they must first make a villain out of humanity. Al Gore and his lies about the cause of global warming have been ingeniously effective for turning the social meme to self-basement.

Through carbon credits and depopulation, the UN plans to “control” the effects of global warming. Ignoring the sun’s effects on our planet, the ties to sunspots and our earth’s temperature and that carbon has nothing to do with rising temperatures, we have been duped into joining a green movement with the secret objective to ultimately gain absolute governance over our lives.