Into the Wild: Exposing Problems at Bluefire Wilderness Therapy

Outdoor behavioral healthcare, also known as wilderness therapy, has become an increasingly popular option for parents looking to help troubled teens. Programs like Bluefire Wilderness Therapy promise to take struggling adolescents out of their regular environments and into nature, where they’ll learn important life skills and coping mechanisms. However, bluefire wilderness complaints reveal a concerning…

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Examining Deputy Craig Chamberlin: A Controversial Washington Police Officer

Deputy Craig Chamberlin is a police officer in Spokane, Washington who has faced controversy and allegations of misconduct throughout his career. This post will examine Chamberlin’s background, the various incidents and accusations he has faced, and the impact on the local community. Overview of Deputy Chamberlin’s Career Chamberlin has served as a sheriff’s deputy in…

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craigslist akron

Craigslist Armed Robberies Reported in Akron

Remember when Akron was shocked by robberies? Well it’s back again. In the past ten days, three separate armed robberies have been reported stemming from Craigslist sales arranged in Akron, Ohio. The perpetrator appears to be targeting Craigslist Akron users attempting to sell smartphones and other electronics. According to local police, the suspect tells sellers to…

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