Why Are Zuckerberg & Hollywood Talking About Virtual Reality?

Why Are Zuckerberg & Hollywood Talking About Virtual Reality?

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August 12, 2014


Media reports claim that, according to anonymous sources “with knowledge of the conversations” … “Facebook representatives have been meeting with executives at all the major film studios as well as with individual directors about creating content specifically for the Rift headset.”

Hollywood giants who have spoken with Facebook reps include:

• Walt Disney
• Paramount Pictures
• Universal Studios

This “exclusive content” specifically created for the Rift headset is being developed for the sake of “enhancing the Oculus experience.”

After these short “films” are produced and tested on the public for quality and content, there may be talks of a “full-length feature” to entice more customers to the virtual reality trend.

Oculus designed Rift to allow the user to watch a Parrot AR drone move with the head movements of the wearer of the tech. In other words, just as a video game, the navigation of the drone is controlled by the user.

Neurologically speaking, Rift is in communication with fundamental parts of the user’s brain that process images. Through emersion, the peripheral vision is used to convince the user’s brain that the images on screen are real.

Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus, took an offer of Mark Zuckerberg in 2013 to purchase his corporation for $2 billion in cash and stock options in Facebook.

Recently Oculus Rift was used during an arthroscopic knee surgical procedure wherein the patient was given the virtual reality googles to relax them with use of only local anesthesia.

In May it was reported that Zuckerberg was using Oculus Rift to train Norwegian Armed Forces as a beta-test to perfect their technology.

The display for Rift is mounted with specifically-developed camera that allow for a 360-degree view from the front seat of an armored car.

This technology is so precise; it will allow the wearer to “parallel park within a centimeter” of the mark.

According to Norwegian media : “What makes the Oculus Rift glasses special is that the view seamlessly follows your head movements. When the driver turns his head to the left, he looks straight out through the left camera.”

Major Ola Petter Odden commented: “I can foresee that the system will be technologically mature in maybe 2-3 years. Then we will need a qualification period for the equipment to … be ready for use in traffic. So maybe it will be ready in five years.”

Although Rift was created as a gaming device, this system is quite adaptable to Armed Forces training because the engineers at Oculus have been perfecting their technology for this specific purpose.

Wearers of Rift have complained that the apparatus causes nausea from motion. Developers at Oculus have been working to eliminate this side effect.

The real-time video feed Rift provides facilitates the circumnavigation of obstacles as the technology is still being tested.

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