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Susanne Posel has been an independent journalist for over 6 years. She serves as the Editor-in-Chief of OccupyCorporatism.com, and is the CEO of Affinity Media Group. She is also the Media Spokesperson for HealthMax Group.

Susanne is a professional member of the APME – Associated Press Media Editors association, and sits on the  Associated Press First Amendment Committee. Susanne and the Affinity Media news group are also professional members of the ONA – Online News Association, and compete in the Journalism Excellence Awards.

Susanne is a well recognized research journalist, broadcaster, TV and radio correspondent, and the author of over 6,000 original headline news articles. Susanne has appeared on over two hundred international radio shows and a dozen major cable TV interviews  to date.

In November 2011, Susanne Posel launched Occupy Corporatism, a headline news website that quickly became one of the most widely-read, linked to, and frequently-cited websites on the Internet.

In 2012, she became a globally syndicated radio host and spotlighted independent media journalists, radio hosts, activists and documentary filmmakers worldwide.

In early 2013, Susanne joined the i-Heart Radio family of broadcasters, then began direct on-demand content in 2016 through Affinity Media Group.

Currently, Susanne is the host of HARDLINE with Susanne Posel Radio Show, offering 24/7 live digital access and on-demand content, syndicated nationwide.

About HealthMax Group: The original Crystal Pure CBD formulations were hand mixed and used to treat her son’s seizures caused by MMR vaccine injuries in 2012, without the use of any THC. After a half-year long investigation into Cannabidiol (CBD), and reporting on the Snake-Oil salesmen in the CBD industry, Susanne and her husband David Posel founded Legacy Bio-Naturals. Legacy was the first company in the USA to sell pure crystalline CBD products to consumers, who gained a wide range of positive health outcomes.

Legacy grew to become HALO BioSynthesis Laboratories in 2014, then merged with Green Cross Alliance in 2015, forming the larger Health Max Group. HealthMax is now expanding its Nano-CBD production line and is a well recognized, nationally trusted pure CBD supplier.

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