US Diplomat Revealed as CIA Spy Recruiting For Terroristic Ops Near Chechnya

US Diplomat Revealed as CIA Spy Recruiting For Terroristic Ops Near Chechnya

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May 15, 2013




US diplomat Ryan Fogle has been identified by the FSB, the successor to the KGB in Russia, as a spy sent by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who was on missions to recruit citizens of the Caucasus for radicalization and use in possible future terroristic operations.

Almost like a spy novel, Fogle had in his possession wigs, € 500 in cash, a knife, maps and compasses and a letter explaining his purpose of “long-term” intelligence gathering.

The letter states that the writer was “very impressed by your professionalism and who would greatly value working together with you in the future.” There is a promise of payment for an interview to “discuss your experience, expertise and co-operation . . . if you are prepared to answer some specific questions. We can offer up to $US1 million a year for long-term co-operation, with extra bonuses for information that will help us.”

With instructions on how to open a Gmail account, send an email to and wait for communication, the letter explains that real contact is still preferable.

The US State Department confirmed that Fogle was an “employee” of the US embassy in Russia, which is where Russian authorities turned him to after questioning. The State Department said: “We can confirm that an officer at our US Embassy in Moscow was briefly detained and was released.”

Fogle was a third secretary at the US embassy in Russia.

Patrick Ventrell, spokesman for the State Department commented: “I’m not sure I would read too much into one incident one way or another.”

US Ambassador Michael McFaul was contacted by the Russian Foreign Ministry and told that concerning Fogle: “Such provocative actions in the spirit of the Cold War will by no means promote the strengthening of mutual trust.”

The evidence found with Fogle seems to be more about creating a means for incrimination rather than legitimate according to Samuel Greene, director of the Russia Institute at King’s College London.

Greene said: “I wouldn’t have thought that spies gave each other written instructions. Maybe this is what the CIA has come to, maybe the propaganda folks in the Kremlin think we are this stupid, or maybe both.”

Andrei Soldatov, investigative journalist and expert on the activities of intelligence agencies across the globe, said that he believes this discovery by the Russian intelligence agents appears to be “a sting operation run by the Russians.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry says that the CIA is actively recruiting “spies” from law enforcement agencies.

Fogle was accused of recruiting people from the Caucasus, including Chechnya where Tamerlan Tsarneav established contacts with militant groups operating in Dagestan.

US Special Forces, intelligence operatives and money flowing from Saudi Arabia have combined to attempt to secure an outpost in Chechnya that would send a clear message to the Russian government.

According to Russian intelligence provided by the Anti-Extremism Center, a faction of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia, Tamerland Tsarneav had spent half a year in southern Russia, and then disappeared off their radar. At this point US federal agencies are claiming that they began their assessment of Tamerlan’s radicalization and training with militants in Chechnya.

The theme is being built that there is an Islamic insurgency in Chechnya, a republic of Russia. Social networking is being used by these alleged militants to communication and reaches out to others to become part of their jihad.

The point missed by most of the mainstream and alternative media is the history of US and Saudi financed terrorist cells in Chechnya. Facilitated by the CIA, the radicalization of Wahhabist groups to terrorize Russia have been a scheme kept silent in US media.

US Special Forces, intelligence operatives and money flowing from Saudi Arabia have combined to attempt to secure an outpost in Chechnya that would send a clear message to the Russian government.

The Wahhabist faction supported by the US is not actually adherents of Islam, but a fake, pasty terrorist army created as a tool for US foreign policy interests.

Born of the relationship between Saudi Arabia and the US government, Wahhabism (a.k.a. Salafism) is used because of their inherent “radical” movement toward “progressive social change” which makes them will to take extreme measures to fight against secularism.

Tamerlan would have simply been a CIA paid terrorist. In fact, it is reported that Tamerlan was hired US intelligence and received his funding by the Saudi government to infiltrate Wahhabi networks. Tamerlan allegedly defected and became part of al-Qaeda terror cells.

Considering that al-Qaeda is actually the Mujahideen trained by the US government in the 1980s to fight against the Russians in Afghanistan, this simply means that Tamerlan moved from one fake terrorist group to another.

Considering the US continuance of the “war on terrorism” using al-Qaeda as the spotlight terrorist group, if it were announced that Chechnya needed to be invaded because of the new “hot bed” of brewing radicalized Islamic extremism that could threaten the US with more attacks, this would simply be a way for the US government to invade Russia through one of their territories.

Taking into account that Russia is a member of the BRICs nations and currently trying to unseat the US dollar as the global reserve currency and replacing it with gold as the global standard, it would make sense to reveal the newest addition to the fake terrorist threat – Chechnya.

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