US Citizens Delinquent on Taxes to the IRS Will be Fired

US Citizens Delinquent on Taxes to the IRS Will be Fired

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March 23, 2013



The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee approved the proposal entitled, “Federal Employee Tax Accountability Act of 2013” to be voted on by the House of Representatives to for consideration to become a law.

The ideal behind this legislation are an estimated 100,000 federal employees that are behind on their taxes to the tune of $1 billion.

House Representative Jason Chaffetz, who introduced the bill, explained that federal employees and private citizens must pay their taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or they will find their employment eligibility compromised.

This legislation mandates that those employees determined to be “seriously” delinquent on their income tax will be fired and to be considered for replacement, those persons must be up-to-date on their federal income tax.

Chaffetz said: “The intent of the bill is simple. If you are a federal employee or applicant, you should be making a good faith effort to pay your taxes or to dispute them, as all taxpayers have the right to do.”

However if an individual can prove to their respective employer that they are in good standing with the IRS, they will be hirable. Chaffetz states that this will encourage citizens to settle their debt to the IRS.

The proposal states that agencies to oversee reviews of potential employees and their standing with the IRS must be created. While spending tax payer money, the federal government will be empowered through legislation to spy on US citizens, monitor their personal financial records and recommend discrimination against potential employees based on their pay schedule to the IRS.

HR 882 entitled, “The Contracting and Tax Accountability Act” compliments the previously mentioned legislation which is similar to a bill that was championed by then Senator Barack Obama.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was partnered with the inception of the IRS. This agency was created to serve as the collector for the Federal Reserve. Since all the fiat currency printed by the Fed is based in debt the IRS was needed to extract the payback on the debt by American citizens. As the US government borrows money from the Fed, Americans are forced to file various formations of the IRS Form 1040. This form gives the IRS the illegal right to seize personal income from American citizens for the purpose for paying the US government’s debt to the Fed.

The IRS and its practices are illegal because the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution that supposedly “ratified” their enactment of an income tax was not properly voted upon. The necessary number of votes needed to make this credit collector of the Fed a legitimate agency of the US government was never achieved. In other words, the 16th Amendment has no legal basis on lack on votes and therefore cannot be enforced by the legal powers of the US government.

This is why the IRS uses coercion and scare tactics to bully Americans into filing and paying their taxes. Employers are given financial kickbacks for filing their employees SSI numbers to tally the citizens employed so that the IRS can demand their payments. This process has been proven to be illegal in courts all across the US; however public ignorance and the immediacy of the surrender of funds have given the IRS authority they do not possess.

Last April the IRS said that it needs more than 4,000 new agents to assist in enforcing the mandates of Obamacare (also known as the Affordable Care Act) and $300 million dollars in infrastructure needed to force Americans to purchase government issued healthcare.

The IRS claims it needs the exorbitant amounts of money to “continue the development of new systems and modifications of existing systems required to support new tax credits.” It is more likely that the IRS will use these funds to spy on Americans who refuse or fail to purchase Obamacare health coverage with the intention of fining US citizens.

At the same time, Senator Barbara Boxer authored SB 1813 that could empower the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to prevent American citizens to travel outside the US if they owe back taxes.

Boxer claims this bill will “reauthorize Federal-aid highway and highway safety construction programs, and for other purposes”. Mixed in this bill that lists authorization for appropriations for federal transportation and infrastructure is a provision that gives the IRS the authority to “revocation or denial” of passports to persons with “certain unpaid taxes” or “tax delinquencies”.

Outlined in Section 40304 of the bill mandates if an individual owes more than $50,000 dollars to the IRS to the agency can deny, revoke, or limit that person’s ability to travel. Emergencies and humanitarian situations can be given special privileges. Also if the individual can prove that they are repaying their debt to the IRS in a “timely manner” they may have their travel privileges reinstated. However, collections efforts would have to be suspended.

The language in this bill does not allude to the crime of tax evasion and any other crime that would cause their passport to be suspended. Yet, the IRS will be appropriating a lien or levy on any property the individual may own to ensure they receive their due monies.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid supported this proposal. It was reintroduced into the Congress entitled “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century” bill that would allow the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to deny travel rights to any American citizen who owes the Federal Reserve Bank $50,000 dollars or more.

Reid is proud that the IRS will have this new found power, showing that he is obviously working toward the agenda of the Federal Reserve Bank and not the citizens who elected him to his Senate seat.

The basis of this bill and the beneficiary of this legislation are clear. The US government, acting to pass laws to make sure that the American public is not only indebted to the controlling central bank that runs this country, but to enforce by unconstitutional mandate that these mandates are necessary.

Reid, who introduced the provision for the IRS into the bill, had the unilateral support of both parties in the Congress. This appears to be the beginning of allowing the Federal Reserve powers to revoke even our citizenship with the incremental start of choosing whether or not we can be free to roam our country. By denying us our ability to travel, we are losing another of our freedoms.

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