US & Britain Continue Geoengineering Experiments Despite Int’l Disapproval

US & Britain Continue Geoengineering Experiments Despite Int’l Disapproval

chemtrailsSusanne Posel
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February 21, 2013



The UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) held in 2010 marked a consensus on the issuance of a moratorium on geoengineering projects. This has been largely ignored by industrialized nations under private-governmental partnerships that continue experimentation.

The practice of geoengineering by industrialized nations such as the US is under fire by the international community. Certain nations have begun to see these programs as “absolutely inappropriate for a handful of governments in industrialized countries to make a decision to try geo-engineering without the approval of all the world’s support.”

Pat Mooney, of the ETC Group, said that “[governments] shouldn’t proceed with real-life, in-the-environment experimentation or the deployment of any geo-engineering until there is a consensus in the United Nations that this is okay. It’s absolutely inappropriate for a handful of governments in industrialized countries to make a decision to try geo-engineering without the approval of all the world’s support.”

Geoegineering projects conducted by developed nations are performed with the hypothesis that this scheme will “control climate change by cutting the amount of sunlight hitting the earth or soaking up excess greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide.”

The UN has sanctioned the use of certain methods which are expected to be reviewed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Those include:

• Ocean fertilization
• Spraying sea water into the atmosphere to cause reflectivity
• Using solar reflectors in space
• Artificial volcanoes
• CO2 sequestering

The byproduct of ocean fertilization is shrinking bodies of marine life as well as the increase of their metabolic rates which directly impedes the function of their bodies.

The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) claim that ocean fertilization address the urgent need for environmental, social and legal schemes that international regimes must implement in their efforts to continue geo-engineering experiments. By reducing CO2 emissions by the use of all forms of geo-engineering, the UN simultaneously wants to control those efforts as an exploration for potential monetary gains. However the scientific community asserts that policymakers and the general public need to participate in these secret discussions as they are directly affected by their ethical, social and geopolitical potentials.

Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the UN panel of climate scientists explains that “geoengineering has a lot of unknowns.” Pachauri acknowledges that “you have to understand [geoengineering’s] potential. We also have to understand the downside.”

In 2010, the US and British governments conducted studies that convinced the climate science network of the UN that geoengineering as a viable option. With the assistance of the US National Center for Atmospheric Research’s computer models and a 70-page report, the White House declared that establishing a geoengineering strategy would be beneficial and “as soon as possible in order to ensure scientific preparedness for future climate events.”

Once this scheme was in place, the British House of Commons committee stated that governments “may need geoengineering as a `Plan B.'”

Jim Thomas, spokesman for the ETC Group believes geoengineering is being pushed by “some countries [that] would like to see geoengineering more acceptable than it has been . . . and some large industries and some of the think tanks they sponsor who would prefer to see us go down the route of geoengineering. That if geoengineering could be touted as a cheap and quick and easy fix, that means we don’t have to do all the heavy lifting of reducing emissions and changing our economy, then they would prefer that.”

The Royal Society published a study in 2009 entitled, “Geoengineering the Climate: Science, Governance and Uncertainty” that outlines the impact of man-made climate change and the costs and consequences of geoengineering to combat those effects.

The conclusion was explained that “despite this interest, there has been a lack of accessible, high quality information on the proposed geoengineering techniques which remain unproven and potentially dangerous.”

Assessment of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and solar radiation management (SRM) are efforts to define the root of the problem, as well as design “preferable” techniques at an affordable cost with “acceptable environmental impacts.”

In 2012, John Holdren, Obama’s Science Adviser believes that geo-engineering will assist the planet is stabilizing its weather with regard to global warming.

In an article released in the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) Journal by the CFR, the organization who praised the use of heavy metals into our atmosphere to combat global warming.

This reasoning is a hoax, considering that man-made climate change is a lie perpetrated onto the world’s populations by the global Elite and the UN’s IPCC. Scientists worldwide have come to the fact that the sun is heating up not only our Earth, but all the planets in our solar system.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) has found that geo-engineering is directly responsible for neurotoxins found in human blood, lungs; as well as causing a whole host of neurotoxic conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

Geo-engineering is manipulating and altering the planet’s atmosphere. Toxic barium, magnesium, aluminum and other chemicals are released in the chemtrails that follow certain airplanes. These aerosol exhausts first appear as normal contrails of water vapor that usually follow airplanes. Yet, chemtrails do not dissipate, changing from straight lines and cross hatch patterns into streaks of “clouds” that cover most of the visible sky.

Chemtrails have been seen all across the world. They are composed of parasites, toxic metals, nano-engineered particles and other toxins. Samples have yielded the presence of:

• Aluminum
• Barium
• Nickel
• Cadmium
• Mold spores
• Synthetic nano-fibers
• Bacillus blood spores
• Radioactive thorium

These chemicals are entered into the lungs and skin, and pollute the human body. They collect in our environment and alter the air we breathe, food we eat; creating an unavoidable toxicity.