Suddenly Bomb Threats Are Being Called-in Across the Country

Suddenly Bomb Threats Are Being Called-in Across the Country

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June 12, 2013




Evacuations at Princeton University due to a called-in bomb threat to multiple buildings on the campus were revealed through Tweets.

One Tweet said : “This is NOT a test. There has been a bomb threat to multiple unspecified campus buildings.”

Dan Dale, a spokesman for PU said that facility staff were told to leave those identified buildings.

Officials said that a “credible” threat was made.

Announcements for evacuation alerted “the campus and all university offices immediately and go home unless otherwise directed by your supervisor. Public safety officers and Princeton police will direct drivers leaving the campus and those without cars will be directed to evacuation sites. You will receive an update. Do not return to campus for any reason until advised otherwise.”

Princeton campus police directed employees and others to evacuation sites or were told to simply go home.

At the Atlanta International Airport (AIA), an explosion rocked Concourse D.

Janet Ward, spokesperson for the Atlanta Fire Rescue explained that the area was shut down and closed for an investigation.

Initial reports do not state that there was an electrical explosion that did not cause a fire nor were there reported injuries.

The exact cause of the explosion has not determined.

In Richmond, Virginia the Richmond International Airport (RIC) received a “threatening phone call” which caused an inspection of the airport’s terminals and parking lots.

On Twitter, the RIC stated that they had “received a threat by phone, deemed serious enough to evacuate the terminal as a precautionary measure.”

No bombs or apparatus were found; however Virginia State Police Sergeant Thomas Mohar said that the “threat” was serious enough to warrant a complete evacuation.

Bomb sniffing dogs were deployed to sweep the vehicles, access ways and buildings.

Troy Bell, spokesperson for the RIC said that “the threat was broad and included multiple sites.”

One of those passengers waiting during the evacuation commented that “it’s remarkably quiet and calm. I’d say everybody’s being really patient. Honestly, I would say I haven’t seen anybody lose their patience yet.”

John Reed, superintendent of schools in New town, Connecticut was placed in a modified lockdown after a phoned-in threat was called into Hawley Elementary school. Authorities said that there was an “unspecified threat” made to the schools with 2 miles from the Sandy Hook shooting.

In an email to parents, Reed’s office stated: “At 2:05 p.m. this afternoon, a phone call was received at Hawley School containing an implied threat to the Hawley staff and students. In addition to the on-site security, other representatives of the Newtown Police Department and Chief Michael Kehoe arrived at Hawley. They requested that Superintendent John Reed put the school system in modified lockdown.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) was alerted to decipher if the threat was real, according to Reed.

Reed stated that “in addition to the NPD, the FBI is intimately involved in helping to investigate this call as well as others that we have received in past months.”

Reed told reporters: “A phone call was received at the Hawley School containing an implied threat to the Hawley School. In addition to the police man who was present when the call came in, other members of the Newtown Police Department and the Chief Michael Kehoe arrived within 5 minutes.”

The police department in Newtown confirmed that schools were placed on lockdown for “precautionary measures” and would not offer elaboration on why.

The lockdown involved more than 5,500 students and lasted for less than an hour.

Local police blocked the entrance into Hawley Elementary and questioned passers-by and drivers in the area.

Parent received alerts about the threat on their cell phones.

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