Are States Rebranding Common Core to Gain Parental Approval?

Are States Rebranding Common Core to Gain Parental Approval?

common.core.rebrand_occupycorporatism Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | The US Independent
April 8, 2014


Indiana Governor Mike Pence has rejected Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and replaced the federal standardized education with new guidelines written “by Hoosiers for Hoosiers.”

Parents in Indiana are not so sure; wondering if Pence has kept the same standards while changing the name to fool them into supporting this new initiative.

Similar schemes have cropped up in Florida, Louisiana and other states.

In Arizona the new plan is called Arizona College and Career Ready Standards (ACCRS) and in Iowa it is referred to as the Iowa Core (IC).

Idaho has named their new CCSS the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium which is geared toward students from 3rd to 11th grade.

CCSS is getting make-overs all over the nation to trick parents into willingly have their children participate; but what is in a name?

In order to get kids ready for careers, education and innovation is being controlled to make sure teachers and educators “are working with subject matter experts to select what they feel are the most essential learning outcomes.”

This strategy ensures that with the “right content” schools will not be concerned with “where the standards come from.”

The American Principles Project (APP) says that CCSS is “one of the greatest deceptions ever foisted upon the American people” and those parents who are against it are “very well educated on the subject”.

Those in support of CCSS maintain that there are myths that have entered the social consciousness regarding this new educational system that need to be addressed. However, these points actually show that CCSS has been designed by private corporations and federal agencies that are intending to completely alter our public educational landscape.

• The National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers wrote CCSS with “insight from educators and experts”
• States that implement CCSS receive funding from Race to the Top grants
• The US Department of Education granted millions to develop national standardized testing
• The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) have invested a considerable amount of monies into CCSS

Bonnie O’Neil, journalist with the Heartland Institute (HI) explains that the UN has tasked the “necessary path” toward socialism with the “indoctrination of children through education.”

O’Neil stated that the more than 40 year old plan was to “indoctrinate our children with communist ideals” and “cleanse Christianity” from public schools.

This journalist maintains that public schools have adopted CCSS as a “transmission belt for Communism and socialist propaganda” where they recognize “importance of nationalizing our entire school system, allowing liberals to decide school curriculum, controlling the teacher associations, limiting parental involvement, and cleverly inserting the party platform in school textbooks.”

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