Protecting Privacy: Former Navy SEAL Unveils ‘Anti-Spying’ Smartphone

Protecting Privacy: Former Navy SEAL Unveils ‘Anti-Spying’ Smartphone

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January 20, 2014



Mike Janke, co-founder and chief executive officer of Silent Circle (SC) has created a fully encrypted smartphone that promises to divert surveillance agencies sent by the government, hackers and industry rivals who want to make your digital communications unbearable.

After Snowden broke the story about government surveillance, SC shut down their encrypted email service because they did not believe it was possible (with current methods) to transmit digital data securely.

The Blackphone is poised for release in February with the assistance of the manufacturer Geeksphone.

This device uses Firefox for an operating system called PrivateOS that is compatible with Android-based phones.

Through encryptions, this device can securely transfer user data on secure lines.

This smartphone offers “peer-to-peer encrypted texts, phone calls, video calls, file transfers” and more.

Janke explained that SC was developing a handset of the same nature prior to the revelations of Edward Snowden.

Janke said: “We did this because there was a problem that was not being solved: secure communications.”

As a former Navy SEAL and favorite in Silicon Valley, Janke said Blackphone “is an extension of that effort. We offer completely encrypted, peer-to-peer communications. We have encrypted video, encrypted text and secure VoIP (Voice-over-Internet-Protocol) calls.”

Janke said that “because of” his work with Blackphone, “almost all of the major smartphone manufacturers came to us” to join in on the venture of making smartphones more secure and less prone to invasion.

Earlier this month, Jacob Applebaum, security researcher, exposed the National Security Agency (NSA) program called DROPOUTJEEP which is the agency’s full control over Apple’s iPhone.

Applebaum spoke at the Chaos Communications Congress (CCC); a conference where hackers “get together”.

Using malware, the NSA has successfully compromised the iPhone beginning with easy access to ALL devices.

The NSA is in control over:

• iPhone camera
• microphone
• searching contact lists
• retaining geolocation history
• intercepting text messages
• listening to voicemail

Applebaum stated that the NSA boasted about having 100% success rate using DROPOUTJEEP since the inception of the program in 2008.

Apple has issued a statement refuting their relationship with the NSA: “Apple has never worked with the NSA to create a backdoor in any of our products, including iPhone.
Additionally, we have been unaware of this alleged NSA program targeting our products. We care deeply about our customers’ privacy and security. Our team is continuously working to make our products even more secure, and we make it easy for customers to keep their software up to date with the latest advancements. Whenever we hear about attempts to undermine Apple’s industry-leading security, we thoroughly investigate and take appropriate steps to protect our customers. We will continue to use our resources to stay ahead of malicious hackers and defend our customers from security attacks, regardless of who’s behind them.”

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