Obamacare Having Trouble Hiring “Experts” For Death Panels

Obamacare Having Trouble Hiring “Experts” For Death Panels

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January 31, 2013



The Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) for Obamacare is a 15 member panel who control the dissemination of care patients can receive, have authority over the reimbursements doctors receive for administering care to patients and advise on the type of care patients can receive.

Jonathan Gruber, an economist and advisor to Obama that inspired the Affordable Care Act has been refused to be part of the IPAB. While this group is supposed to be comprised of economists, academia, members of the pharmaceutical industry, insurance industry representatives, hospital executives and medical practitioners, the IPAB is having a hard time filling spots for this “death panel”.

The IPAB is given authority over keeping the costs of healthcare low by controlling the amount and type of care patients will receive Although Congress is empowered to oversee how doctors will be paid for services rendered, those financial recommendations afforded by the IPAB are automatically adhered to.

This roundtable of “unelected bureaucrats” will make decisions, deem Americans worthy of health claims and approve or deny care to seniors. Mainstream media claims that the death panels are “expected to find savings by eliminating fraud and reducing payments to private insurance companies that work with Medicare and prescription drug providers.”

Since Congress must approve the members of the death panel, those considered for the position must be able to show their expertise in health finance, economics and medical science. A 6 month term on the death panel will reserve those who serve from “any other business, vocation or employment.”

In reality, the IPAB, in conjunction with the Secretary of the Deaprtment of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will implement laws without Congressional approval. Denying the law’s execution would necessitate the House, Senate and President agree on an alternate plan.

According to a study entitled, “The Independent Payment Advisory Board: PPACA’s Anti-Constitutional and Authoritarian Super-Legislature”, the IPAB’s plan would become law without Congressional approval, oversight, or even be subject to a presidential veto. Once this proposal is submitted, it is law.

The IPAB will be enabled to declare:

• Policies regarding healthcare to Congress
• Recommendations on costs, mitigating waste, prioritizing disbursement of care
• Impose taxes whether the US government pays the medical bills or not
• Ration medical care to Americans as they see fit

Congress, having the power to accept the IPAB’s recommendations can either act on them or let the SHHS do so.

The IPAB, an independent panel, is likening to those in the United Nations (UN); where organizations have oversight panels that decide the direction of the organization and empower it. The only governing body the IPAB will have to answer to is itself.

The most authoritative aspect of the legislation is that “[I]f Congress misses that repeal window, PPACA prohibits Congress from ever altering an IPAB proposal.”
The legislative window for repeals extends to 2017. The Congressional Research Service has falsely interpreted this clause of complete control.

Failure to repeal in Congress by 2017 results in absolute power given to the IPAB by 2020 with no ability of Congress to change that fact. Any law the IPAB writes becomes effectual regardless of any member of the US government’s rejection of it and the over-reaching power extends to the Secretary of Health and Human Services who becomes an executive of the IPAB.

Furthermore, the IPAB would become as powerful as the executive branch of our government, with the right to appropriate funds within the SHHS’ own department.
All the while the IPAB is protected from Congressional oversight and interference.

This authoritarian policy is a first step toward encompassing dictatorship; a plateau that Obama has been teetering on for quite some time. His implementation of UN agendas and policies as evidenced in his executive orders and legislations signed and supported display on obvious trend toward removing the Constitutional rights of our American Republic and replace them with a cleared path toward integration of one world government.

In 2012, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requested an estimated 4,000 new agents to assist in enforcing the mandates of Obamacare and $300 million dollars in infrastructure needed to force Americans to purchase government issued healthcare. The IRS claimed it needs the exorbitant amounts of money to “continue the development of new systems and modifications of existing systems required to support new tax credits.” It is more likely that the IRS would use these funds to spy on Americans who refuse or fail to purchase Obamacare health coverage with the intention of fining US citizens.

Obamacare also includes access to sterilization. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) issued guidelines requiring all college age women have access to sterilization procedures . . . for free. The IOM have been preforming a covert part in endorsing the “benefits” of American government run medical care and DHHS. These sterilization guidelines will apply to all women between the ages of 18-34, regardless of college enrollment. All private and government run health plans will carry this provision.

Regardless of moral objection, private and religious colleges must provide abortion drugs and procedures. The services must be offered under their insurance healthcare plans are required by Obama’s new laws. According to HHS, under the guise of “consumer protection”, HHS will enforce these legal requirements. HHS claims that private colleges must include “religious liberty” as part of their healthcare coverage to women.

The IOM wrote this mandate themselves. HHS dictated the literal language used in the requirement. HHS justified their new law, saying “the HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) Guidelines require coverage, without cost sharing, for ‘[a]ll Food and Drug Administration [(FDA)] approved contraceptive methods, sterilization procedures, and patient education and counseling for all women with reproductive capacity,’ as prescribed by a provider.”

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