Obama to Regulate CO2 Emissions Through Exec Orders & EPA

Obama to Regulate CO2 Emissions Through Exec Orders & EPA

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February 20, 2014


US Supreme Court (USSC) have challenged the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulatory powers with regard to greenhouse gases emanating from power plants and manufacturing facilities.

The EPA is arguing that these problem areas have contributed to global warming; however 74 states are accusing the EPA off “one of the most brazen power grabs ever attempted by an administrative agency.”

Local business groups and state legislatures have collaborated to protest in court the EPA’s regulations that are being blamed for higher energy costs.

The Indiana Cast Metals Association (ICMA) are championing the challenge in court with the support of various other groups and lawmakers to demand that the USSC answer this question: Did the EPA’s regulation of greenhouse gas emissions from new motor vehicles correctly trigger the agency’s setting emissions rules for stationary sources?

Donald Verrilli, solicitor general contributed a brief that explained: “The EPA determined that greenhouse gas emissions endanger public health and welfare in ways that may prove to be more widespread, longer lasting and graver than the effects of any other pollutant regulated under the act.”

House Representative Michele Bachmann has filed a brief with the USSC stating that “the regulations under challenge were “an intolerable invasion of Congress’s domain that threatens to obliterate the line dividing executive from legislative power.”

The brief points out that the regulations were “perhaps the most audacious seizure of pure legislative power over domestic economic matters attempted by the executive branch” since President Harry S. Truman tried to usurp authority over the nation’s steel mills during the Korean War.

President Obama has been threatening to act “with or without Congress” to implement agenda driven mandates that reflect the climate change scheme.

The Obama administration has pushed behind the EPA for stringent rules on power plants currently in use within the US.

Obama is adamant that there must be new regulations to cut CO2 emissions on heavy trucks that cross interstate beltways for transportation of goods.

Utah state representative Jerry Anderson has proposed HB 229 to alter the definition of air containments to exclude “natural components of the atmosphere,” such as CO2 and limit the state lawmakers from establishing acceptable atmospheric concentrations of CO2 below 500 parts per million.

Anderson told his peers at a committee hearing that: “The carbon dioxide level back in the days of the dinosaurs was considered to be about 600 parts per million. And they seemed to thrive quite well … The vegetation back in those times was lush. I’m thinking we could double the carbon dioxide rate and not have any adverse effects that I can tell. In Nebraska, they did a study and said basically that in our dry climates out here, we would be very much benefited by having more carbon dioxide than we have now.”

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