Kremlin-Funded Calexit Founder Gives Up Secessionist Movement & Goes Back to Russia

Kremlin-Funded Calexit Founder Gives Up Secessionist Movement & Goes Back to Russia

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Host of Hardline Radio Show

Louis Marinelli, the man behind the Yes California Independence Campaign and avid supporter of Donald Trump, has decided to abandon his idea of California becoming its own country and is now headed back to Russia.

Marinelli told his supporters that he is wroth with “frustration, disappointment and disillusionment with the United States” and will be moving to Russia – bringing the Calexit secessionist idea back to where it originated.

The leader of this California break-away concept incorrectly claimed on paperwork filed in the Golden State that he lives in an apartment complex located in San Diego, but Marinelli actually “lives and works in a city on the edge of Siberia” and about 1,000 miles from Moscow.

In fact, Marinelli has lived in Russia for a decade or more, studying at Saint Petersburg State University where Vladimir Putin went to college. Since then he has “immigrated to California” in order to deal with “some political goals” which happened to include “starting a dialogue about California becoming an independent country.”

After appearing on “TV and the radio and the newspaper several times here in Russia”, Marinelli got funding from the Kremlin to take his secessionist movement involving California to America where the Yes California concept was born.

This idea was slated to be on the 2019 ballot, asking Californians to “strike language in the state Constitution that recognizes the supremacy of the US government” and declared the state and independent nation unto itself.

Back in Russia, state-funded propaganda outlets praised Marinelli for his efforts. He appeared on RT numerous times; as well as the publication called Pravda wrote about the Yes California campaign with fervor and even hosted Marinelli at a conference in Russia where he mingled with other secessionists.

Susanne Posel

Susanne Posel

Chief Editor | Investigative Journalist

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