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2017 HARDLINE Radio Show Archives


07/14/2017 Friday

On this Episode: A timeline of events points to when Trump actually found out about Don Jr’s meeting with a Russian gov lawyer, Fox News pushes multiple conspiracies to explain away the scandal, Jared Kushner played a role in outting his brother-in-law, & Trump didn’t decide who was fired on “Celebrity Apprentice”.


07/12/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: After several story rewrites, Donald Trump Jr admits to attempting to collude with Russia during last year’s election, the GOP & right-wing media use alternative facts to explain Junior’s confession, & evangelicals call for a Civil War against the Democrats.


07/10/2017 Monday

On this Episode: Evangelicals at Hobby Lobby get their stolen artifacts from Islamic terrorists, Poland welcomes Trump with fake crowds of adoring fans, & why the WH account of Donald’s meeting with Putin conflicts with Kremlin.


07/05/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: Gov Christie shuts down 11 miles of NJ beach so he can get a tan, Trump’s crack-pot commission wants personal info on every US voter, & Sinclair Broadcast Group is quietly turning your local news station into alt-right news.


07/03/2017 Monday

On this Episode: Trump attacks Mika Brzezinski & #CNN on Twitter to distract from the partial Muslim ban stopping grandparents from entering the US, the Senate’s Trumpcare will kick 32 million off to lose health insurance, & hiring #DAPL lobbyist to head water safety at the EPA.



06/28/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: Humiliated McConnell postpones a vote on the Senate’s rendition of #Trumpcare, SCOTUS ok’s parts of the Muslim ban before reviewing the case, Fox News tries to convince everyone there’s nothing wrong with a little collusion between Trump & Russia.


06/26/2017 Monday

On this Episode: Mitch McConnell threatened Obama not to reveal Russia’s meddling in 2016 election, new details on how Russians weaponized voter registration data on Election Day, & Rand Paul says people with pre-existing conditions are the problem with healthcare.


06/23/2017 Friday

On this Episode: The Congressional Black Caucus turns down a second date with the Donald, the WH gets caught trying to censor the media, & McConnell finally reveals his super-secret #Trumpcare, turtle edition.


06/21/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: New evidence shows Russians switched voter registration before the primaries, Trump’s attorney hilariously confirms then denies his client is under investigation, & Dems stage a talk-a-thon hoping to bring the AHCA out of McConnell’s closet.


06/19/2017 Monday

On this Episode: Protests in Minnesota over acquittal of cop who killed Philando Castile, the GOP’s Trumpcare revision is so top-secret even Republicans don’t know what’s in it, & everyone’s lawyering up at the WH now that Trump is under investigation.


06/16/2017 Friday

On this Episode: The Alexandria shooting sparks a debate on political tribalism, calls for Megyn Kelly to shelve Alex Jones interview fall on deaf ears, & GOP Senators tell Kamala Harris to shush, but nevertheless… she persisted.


06/14/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: Trump’s 1st cabinet meeting turns into a loyalty-fest, his travel ban gets shelved by the court, Republicans obstruct Dems from joining in on Trumpcare’s rewrite, & Sessions does his own thing at the Senate Intel hearing.


06/12/2017 Monday

On this Episode: Trump supporters march against non-existent Sharia law in US, UK tells PM May to take her Brexit & shove it, Donald swears he didn’t ask Comey to let Flynn go… not that there’s anything wrong with that.


06/09/2017 Friday

On this Episode: James Comey spills the beans about Trump on Capitol Hill, Donald gets caught fake presidenting, & the performance artist formerly known as Alex Jones meets Megyn Kelly.


06/07/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: A recap of Trump’s latest and greatest Twitter tantrum, the WH finds a way around the courts to block Muslims entering the US, & a leaked NSA doc sheds light on how Donald may have colluded with Russia.


06/05/2017 Monday

On this Episode: Donald uses London Bridge attack to push his Muslim ban, Megyn Kelly hosts Russian forum & gives a fluffer-style interview with Putin, States & corporations are inspired to remain in the Paris Accord as Trump pulls out.


06/02/2017 Friday

On this Episode: The strange case of 2 hate crimes involving nooses, cop who killed Tamir Rice is fired for lying on his job app, Hannity’s revenge plot to go after MSNBC & CNN advertisers, yet another undisclosed Sessions meeting with Russians, & then there’s #covfefe



05/31/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: The ex-wife of failing performance artist Alex Jones speaks out, Paul Ryan gets dissed by a group of 8th graders, TX Rep tries to use ICE to silence protesters, & Donald’s personal attorney refuses to comply with Congress’ investigation into Trump-Russia.


05/29/2017 Monday

On this Episode: A hilarious recap of #POTUSAbroad, does the “win” in Montana signal Republicans new approach to the press, & new revelations about Jared Kushner point to illegal activity between the Trump Org & Russia.


05/26/2017 Friday

On this Episode: Sean Hannity loses 7 advertisers and counting, Alex Jones blames the victims for the Manchester attack, hilarious moments from #POTUSAbroad, and Trump’s new budget has a $2 trillion math error.


05/24/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: Michael Flynn is proving to be a problem for the WH, Former CIA Director says Trump campaign’s numerous contacts with Russia looks like collusion, & the hilarious reason why a YUGE sinkhole opened up in front of Mar-a-Lago.


05/22/2017 Monday

On this Episode: The performance artist formerly known as Alex Jones gives a court ordered apology, Donald signs $110 billion dollar deal with Saudi Arabia for Lockheed Martin, & the FBI investigation into Trump-Russia gets a criminal upgrade.


05/19/2017 Friday

On this Episode: Donald complains about being president to college graduates, the words ‘special prosecutor’ confuse Fox News pundits, & the timing of Mueller’s appointment doesn’t pass the smell test.


05/17/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: Donald invites the Russians to the Oval Office for some highly classified intelligence, Comey’s memo reveals obstruction by Trump, & US Treasury cops spill the beans about money laundering & the Trump Org.


05/15/2017 Monday

On this Episode: Lawmakers call Donald’s bluff – requesting copies of recorded convos with Comey, & new investigations into Trump’s business ties to Russia beginning in 2013 reveal more than just a few exceptions.


05/12/2017 Friday

On this Episode: The WH edits their version of James Comey’s firing several times, Trump hires a personal lawyer to defend him on all things related to Russia, & John Oliver crashes the FCC’s website… again.


05/10/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: Sally Yates reveals the real reason why Michael Flynn was problem for Trump, the Senate doesn’t think women should have a say in their Trumpcare reboot, & Donald tells #JamesComey: You’re #fired!


05/08/2017 Monday

On this Episode: Evangelical snowflakes campaign against Stephen Colbert to avenge O’Reilly, Spicer spins the border fence into a wall, Donald weekends in NJ for half the price, & more not-so-fun facts about #Trumpcare 2, Zombie edition.


05/05/2017 Friday

On this Episode: The GOP pass #Trumpcare & the Dems sing them a swansong, Ivanka is reviewing executive orders before Trump signs them, & James Comey tells the Senate he has no regrets about 2016.


05/03/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: Ted Cruz wants El Chapo to pay for the wall; Donald complains about Congress after he negotiates his way out of $33 billion for the military, the DoJ gets $0 funding for Jeff’s anti-marijuana crusade; & the strange case of Trump, his tower in Manila, & Duterte’s invite to the WH.


05/01/2017 Monday

On this Episode: An update on the performance artist formerly known as Alex Jones, Trump complains about how hard it is being president then threatens war with North Korea, & the sexism epidemic at Fox News returns to the spotlight.



04/28/2017 Friday

On this Episode: In celebration of Trump’s 100 days in office the WH releases a YUGE tax cut for the rich and famous, Donald reneges on his entire 100 Day Action Plan, and resurrects #Trumpcare.


04/26/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: The Great Negotiator mysteriously backs off from threats to defund Obamacare to fund his border wall, the former #Trump surrogate running the Senate Intel CMTE is secretly obstructing the investigation into Russia & Donald’s campaign, & is James Comey our only hope?


04/24/2017 Monday

On this Episode: An update on the performance artist formerly known as Alex Jones, 10s of thousands March for Science in 600 global demonstrations, Donald’s failing presidency nears the 100 day mark, & the multi-million dollar pay-to-play conflicts of interest Trump financially benefits from right now.


04/21/2017 Friday

On this Episode: Donald misplaces an aircraft carrier, Chaffetz quits his job & Tucker Carlson replaces O’Reilly on Fox; plus the contents of a tape of Trump Carter Page reportedly delivered to Putin on his 2016 trip to Moscow.


04/19/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: The performance artist formerly known as Alex Jones is exposed by his own lawyer, angry voters flood town halls demanding to see Trump’s tax returns, & the race to #FlipThe6th might end up flipping the GOP.


04/17/2017 Monday

On this Episode: Eating at Mar-a-Lago might make you sick… literally, Trump forgets which countries he’s been bombing, Sean Spicer jumps the shark with a Hitler referrence, & shocking new developments into the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia in 2016.


04/07/2017 Friday

On this Episode: Nunes loses his chair but gains an investigation into himself, conspiracy theorists go nuts after Bannon gets booted off the NSC, and Ivanka’s faux feminism brand starts to tarnish.


04/05/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: Everyone implicates Assad for the chemical attack on Syrians but the WH blames Obama, Bill O’Reilly is caught yet again sexually assaulting women, & more evidence surfaces of collusion between Trump’s campaign & Russia.



03/31/2017 Friday

On this Episode: Donald doesn’t care his Caddyshack weekends cost $39 million so far, Trump promises more coal mining jobs ignoring the industry’s move to automation, & evidence Russia’s manipulation of the US didn’t end with the election.


03/29/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: Sean Hannity gets wrecked by Ted Koppel, Trump hands Merkel a fake NATO invoice for $378 billion dollars, Jared Kushner hung out with the CEO of a Russian bank under US sanctions, & the mysterious case of Devin Nunes.


03/27/2017 Monday

On this Episode: The short but hilarious story of how the AHCA failed, Donald declares: Let Obamacare explode, and how the Trump campaign’s 200 million profiles of supporters came in handy when Russia wanted targets for their fake news during the election.


03/24/2017 Friday

On this Episode: Rep Adam Schiff & the FBI reveal there is evidence Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to win the election, proving allegations in the Steele dossier; plus Dems decide Gorsuch would not make a great Supreme Court Justice.


03/22/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: Comey reveals Trump is under an FBI investigation, Conway & Spicer say Flynn & Manafort were “hangers-on” during the campaign, Roger Stone admits to chatting with the DNC hacker & evidence of the “loud” Russians interfering in our last election.


03/20/2017 Monday

On this Episode: Trump’s new budget robs from Americans to pay defense contractors, Fox News throws Andrew Napolitano under the bus for his GCHQ comment, & Congressman Adam Schiff asks: Did Donald reveal classified info about the CIA on national TV?


03/17/2017 Friday

On this Episode:Looks like Donald’s 2005 tax return was sent from Trump Tower, Tillerson travels to Asia with only one right-wing reporter, and Trump admits on Fox News he knows the GOP’s healthcare bill will directly hurt his voters.


03/15/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: The CBO says Trumpcare is a total disaster and still Paul Ryan is persisting, Kellyanne Conway reveals why she’s afraid of microwaves, and Rep Steve King goes on a racist rant approved by David Duke.


03/13/2017 Monday

On this Episode: Donald’s tweet opens up questions about why a Trump Organization server was communicating with a Russian bank during the election, Michael Flynn was a foreign agent all along, & Mike Pence just lied about knowing it on Fox News.


03/10/2017 Friday

On this Episode: The reason why the GOP’s American Healthcare Act looks a lot like Obamacare, the WH publishes an Exxon Mobil press release as if it were their own, & find out which allegations in the Christopher Steele dossier have recently proven to be true.


03/08/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: While you were distracted by tweets & Wikileaks, the GOP began eliminating your right to healthcare, clean water, education & safety at work; Putin’s steel is being imported for DAPL & Keystone; plus an in depth look into Donald Trump’s involvement in a money laundering scheme with radical Islamic terrorists.


03/06/2017 Monday

On this Episode: Donald accuses President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower, Rep Nunes promises a congressional investigation, and a White House spokesperson accidentally reveals on national TV why Trump is going after Obama.


03/03/2017 Friday

On this Episode: Jeff Sessions concedes to recusing himself, four more Trump campaign staffers spoke with Ambassador Kislyak (who also moonlights as a Russian spy) before the election, & a Russian spokeswoman uses Donald’s signature catch-phrase when talking to CNN.


03/01/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: Coverage of Trump’s State of the Mess speech, Spicer recruits the heads of the House & Senate Intelligence Committees to detract reporters from Donald’s campaign contacts with Russia, & father of fallen Navy Seal demands investigation into Yemen raid.



02/27/2017 Monday

On this Episode: A Hardline #SpecialReport – Everything you wanted to know about Donald Trump’s collusion with #Russia to win the 2016 election that the White House is trying to cover up.


02/24/2017 Friday

On this Episode: Angry constituents at town halls have Republicans running scared, the Montana GOP reject mail-in ballots because it would allow too many people to vote, & the fakestream media is being defunded out of existence.


02/22/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: Trump condemns anti-Semitic bomb threats only after telling a Jewish reporter to sit down & be quiet days earlier, Spicer reveals Donald learned about black history by watching TV, & Scott Pruitt’s lucrative relationship with Devon Energy is exposed.


02/20/2017 Monday

On this Episode: Trump holds a campaign rally (?) in Florida complete with a bogus attack in Sweden courtesy of #fakestream media, China does Donald a multi-million dollar copyright favor, & Betsy DeVos insults DC teachers on her 1st day on the job.


02/17/2017 Friday

On this Episode: The GOP use an obscure law to screw over endangered species and make sure industrial sludge ends up in our drinking water, Trump’s leaky problems persist continue, while hundreds of thousands show America a day without immigrants.


02/15/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: Trump declares he will not be questioned through the immortal words of Stephen Miller, Mar-a-Lago dinner parties now moonlight as the situation room, & everything the WH forgot to mention about Michael Flynn’s resignation.


02/13/2017 Monday

On this Episode: Republicans get booed by thousands of constituents at town hall meetings, parts of the Pee-gate dossier prove to be true, & both Trump & Putin appear to be trying to plug “leaks” at US cybersecurity & the FSB.


02/10/2017 Friday

On this Episode: The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals indefinitely bans Trump’s Muslim ban, Ivanka’s brand gets the boot, Melania tries to cash in on being FLOTUS, Sen. Cotton proposes a ban on all immigration, and an in-depth look at Assad’s Syrian Inquisition.


02/08/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: Putin, Wikileaks & Breitbart spread fake news to influence France’s presidential elections for Marine Le Pen, a break down of the court’s decision to stop the Muslim ban, & how did Russian propaganda end up in Trump’s foreign policy inquiry?


02/06/2017 Monday

On this Episode: Americans spent $3.1M for Trump to vacation in Florida & Eric Trump to do business around the world; a US District Appeals court agrees to continue the ban on the Muslim ban; & why was Steve Bannon put in charge of extra-judicial killings?


02/03/2017 Friday

On this Episode: Trump taps a white supremacist to be on his new DHS immigration team, defends Breitbart News against UC Berkley protester, & Jeffrey Lord spills the beans about the Muslim ban on CNN just before the network got banned.


02/01/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: Rudy Giuliani spills the beans that Trump’s executive order IS a Muslim ban, Iran & Iraq ban US citizens leaving our troops in danger, Breitbart News moves into France & Germany to help Russian-financed nationalists gain popularity ahead of elections.



01/30/2017 Monday

On this Episode: Trump inspires YUGE nationwide crowds in protest of the Muslim ban, Steve Bannon wrote all 18 executive orders and still finds time to threaten the media, and the president gets his own state-run media: can you say Trump TV?


01/27/2017 Friday

On this Episode: Trump’s foreign policy threatens US troops fighting ISIS in Iraq, Mexican President cancels US visit, several presidential cabinet members are registered to vote in multiple states, & why is Donald still using an unsecured phone to Tweet?


01/25/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: Trump uses alternative facts to explain the popular vote, Wikileaks suddenly wants the president’s tax returns, & WH Press Sec Spicer admits Trump still owns stock in DAPL despite signing executive order greenlighting pipeline.


01/23/2017 Monday

On this Episode: While WH Press Sec Spicer & Kellyanne Conway complain about crowds and alternative facts, Trump quietly circumvented the US Constitution, deleted pages from WhiteHouse.gov, passed the Obamacare replacement problem onto the states, and made another housing crisis possible in the future.


01/20/2017 Friday

On this Episode: Obama tries to Trump-proof America before leaving office, the new president says only he will decide who can attend press briefings, and his advisers tell Davos elite Trump is their last hope for globalism.


01/18/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: 50 House Reps are boycotting the Inauguration, people in 30 states protest the repeal of Obamacare, HHS pick Tom Price gets caught insider trading, and Trump gets sued for defamation by a woman he allegedly sexually assaulted.


01/16/2017 Monday

On this Episode: Russia Today takes over two US news networks, Rep. Chaffetz threatens to shut down Ethics Office that is investigating the FBI, & Trump’s questionable Russian financial backers & business deals in Dubai.


01/13/2017 Friday

On this Episode: While you were sleeping the GOP began repealing Obamacare, the FBI director under investigation for his role in meddling in the election, Trump refuses to divest, and James O’Keefe caught on tape trying to pay people to riot on Inauguration Day.


01/11/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: Jeff Sessions lies about his civil rights record and Trump’s pussy-grabbing at confirmation hearing; US intelligence says Russia hacked the RNC and has personal and financial dirt on the Donald; and will the next president clean up America’s air?


01/09/2017 Monday

On this Episode: Congress certifies the president elect’s win despite a congressional report citing 50 electors illegally voting, Trump still denies Russia’s involvement in the election, and an in depth look at the methods Putin used to get Donald elected.


01/06/2017 Friday

On this Episode: NY Governor Cuomo offers free college tuition with a catch, President Obama & Dems discuss giving the GOP a taste of their own medicine, & Trump threatens to dismantle the US intelligence community.


01/04/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: Christians try to declare porn a public health hazard, Vatican City cardinals are pissed now that McDonalds is moving to town, and what will Donald Trump do about his multi-billion dollar conflict of interest in Indonesia?


01/02/2017 Monday

On this Episode: A look back at 2016 and why some say this was the worst year in recorded history, Russia gets a few new sanctions, and thanks to Donald Trump the billionaire class will soon run America.