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2017 HARDLINE Radio Show Archives


01/20/2017 Friday

On this Episode: Obama tries to Trump-proof America before leaving office, the new president says only he will decide who can attend press briefings, and his advisers tell Davos elite Trump is their last hope for globalism.


01/18/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: 50 House Reps are boycotting the Inauguration, people in 30 states protest the repeal of Obamacare, HHS pick Tom Price gets caught insider trading, and Trump gets sued for defamation by a woman he allegedly sexually assaulted.


01/16/2017 Monday

On this Episode: Russia Today takes over two US news networks, Rep. Chaffetz threatens to shut down Ethics Office that is investigating the FBI, & Trump’s questionable Russian financial backers & business deals in Dubai.


01/13/2017 Friday

On this Episode: While you were sleeping the GOP began repealing Obamacare, the FBI director under investigation for his role in meddling in the election, Trump refuses to divest, and James O’Keefe caught on tape trying to pay people to riot on Inauguration Day.


01/11/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: Jeff Sessions lies about his civil rights record and Trump’s pussy-grabbing at confirmation hearing; US intelligence says Russia hacked the RNC and has personal and financial dirt on the Donald; and will the next president clean up America’s air?


01/09/2017 Monday

On this Episode: Congress certifies the president elect’s win despite a congressional report citing 50 electors illegally voting, Trump still denies Russia’s involvement in the election, and an in depth look at the methods Putin used to get Donald elected.


01/06/2017 Friday

On this Episode: NY Governor Cuomo offers free college tuition with a catch, President Obama & Dems discuss giving the GOP a taste of their own medicine, & Trump threatens to dismantle the US intelligence community.


01/04/2017 Wednesday

On this Episode: Christians try to declare porn a public health hazard, Vatican City cardinals are pissed now that McDonalds is moving to town, and what will Donald Trump do about his multi-billion dollar conflict of interest in Indonesia?


01/02/2017 Monday

On this Episode: A look back at 2016 and why some say this was the worst year in recorded history, Russia gets a few new sanctions, and thanks to Donald Trump the billionaire class will soon run America.


2016 HARDLINE Radio Show Archives


12/30/2016 Friday

On this Episode: Paul Ryan wants to censor lawmakers and prevent another all-night democratic sit-in, Trump tries to take credit for the flourishing economy he’s inheriting from Obama, and the truth about the Sprint deal Donald had nothing to do with.


12/28/2016 Wednesday

On this Episode: A bag of toys freaks out everyone at Trump Tower, Donald shuts down the charity he “forgot” to legally register, and the president elect supports Israeli settlements because he’s invested in them.


12/26/2016 Monday

On this Episode: Donald Trump’s inauguartion team couldn’t even bribe celebrities with cabinet seats and ambassadorships to perform, his incoming presidential poll numbers are the lowest in 25 years, and the post-truth era shows no signs of slowing down.


12/23/2016 Friday

On this Episode: Gen. Michael Flynn invites Putin-funded neo-Nazis to meet the president elect at Trump Tower, Trump’s children offer pay-to-play event after the inauguration, and Kuwaiti nationals are pressured to stay at Trump’s new DC hotel.


12/21/2016 Wednesday

On this Episode: North Carolina GOP strip the new democratic governor of his “super” powers, the Turkish president has already found a way to extort Trump using his corporation, & Elizabeth Warren prepares to impeach Donald on day one.


12/19/2016 Monday

On this Episode: The Electoral College votes today dispite threats by the Trump transition team, climate scientists scramble to save data before Donald takes office, and the $500 billion reason Russia hacked our election.


12/12/2016 Monday

On this Episode: President Obama asks for evidence that Russia interfered in election, Trump attacks CIA over reports Senator McConnell tried to cover up, and how should the government respond to fake news?


12/09/2016 Friday

On this Episode: Ohio attacks women’s rights with a new anti-abortion ‘heartbeat’ bill, the Trump camp is nervous as more electors promise not to vote for him, & more on the latest swamp creatures added to Donald’s cabinet.


12/07/2016 Wednesday

On this Episode: More contestants make it through to Trump’s swamp, fake news proves once again to have violent consequences; and why won’t the president elect stop bring his daughter to work?


12/05/2016 Monday

On this Episode: Trump and supporters sue to stop recount, Senators ask President Obama to declassify information on Russia’s interference in election, China upset president elect spoke to Taiwan, and Pence used taxpayer money to bribe Carrier.


12/01/2016 Thursday

On this episode: Melania Trump becomes a cyberbully to protect her son from cyberbullying, President elect Trump lost 17% of his votes in Wisconsin before the recount began, and Mike Pence prepares to run the country while Donald goes on the road again.



11/28/2016 Monday

On this episode: The 2016 election recount is on thanks to Jill Stein, the DAPL protest just got seriously violent, & Donald Trump has a problem with the Constitution that could be cause for an impeachment on day one.


11/21/2016 Monday

On this episode: Everything you ever wanted to know about President Elect Trump’s transition into the White House, but nobody bothered to tell you.


11/17/2016 Thursday

On this episode: President elect Trump picks an alt-right mouthpiece as Chief Strategist, tries to get his kids top secret clearance, and goes back on campaign promises. Also tips on how to survive the next 4 years.


11/14/2016 Monday

On this episode: #NotMyPresident protests are still going strong, hate crimes are on the rise, and the mainstream media chant “Give Trump a Chance”. Plus potential cabinet members, why the swamp won’t be drained, and a look into Trumpcare, a.k.a. Obamacare light.


11/10/2016 Thursday

On this episode: What does it mean for America now that Donald Trump is president? An in depth look into North Dakota’s relationship with oil companies, and why are fracking-induced earthquakes a thing?


11/07/2016 Monday

On this episode: An in depth look into leaks from FBI to Trump Campaign, the conspiracy theory from Breitbart News FBI agents used to go after Hillary Clinton, and the right-wing coup that threatens our democracy.


11/03/2016 Thursday

On this episode: The FBI kicks Hillary Clinton’s email scandal up a notch, Donald Trump has his own history of deleting emails that goes back decades, and the dirty little trick republican governors used to cause Obamacare to fail.



10/31/2016 Monday

On this episode: Militant occupiers are acquitted in Oregon, the FBI announces new Hillary Clinton emails found on Anthony Weiner’s computer, Roger Stone & Alex Jones ramp-up recruitment for Donald Trump’s poll watchers as Democrats sue RNC for violation of the Consent Decree of 1982.


10/27/2016 Thursday

On this episode: The strange reason why evangelicals & the alt-right use the same language, Donald Trump’s poll watchers are a danger to voters & the GOP, also Trump hotels are getting re-branded & a new name to try to bring back customers.


10/24/2016 Monday

On this episode: Ecuador cuts off the Wikileaking and Twitter throws a tantrum; Melania Trump wants to stop online-bullying; and Donald Trump treats the outcome of this election like a season finale.


10/20/2016 Thursday

On this episode: Donald Trump says the election is rigged, his supporters promise an armed insurection if he doesn’t win, and Russia poses a deadly threat to US soldiers fighting ISIS in Mosul.


10/17/2016 Monday

On this episode: A dozen women come forward to share stories of sexual assault by Donald Trump. Campaign and media reaction to the allegations. Also a discussion on women’s rights.


10/13/2016 Monday

On this episode: EXCLUSIVE coverage of the WikiLeaks Podesta dump, evidence one of those emails is fake, Donald Trump wages a civil war on the Republican Party, and America finally met Trump’s alter ego: Donny Rape-O.


10/10/2016 Monday

On this episode: Highlights from the 2nd Presidential Debate; including Trump admits he hasn’t paid federal income tax in 18 years… and much more.


10/06/2016 Thursday

On this episode: Digging into Donald Trump’s past to figure out why he’s having so many meltdowns, why the Democratic Party has a problem with their voter base, and Julian Assange’s epic trolling of Alex Jones.


10/03/2016 Monday

On this episode: Why are clowns terrorizing children across the country? Donald Trump scandals keep coming after a very bad week with women & Cuban Americans. Also, a look at radical Christian terrorism & how it might impact the US election.



09/29/2016 Thursday

On this episode: Everything you wanted to know about the 2016 Presidential Debates but were afraid to ask, Michael Savage gets bumped on air for the debates then cries conspiracy, and Trump supporters in Florida call for the death penalty for women who get an abortion.


09/26/2016 Monday

On this episode: Tulsa & Charlotte spark controversies over police training, Christians renew push for bible teachings in public schools, and an update on the North Dakota pipeline protest with Kira Young.


09/22/2016 Thursday

On this episode: The bombing in NYC becomes a talking point for the candidates; an in depth look at the Trump Foundation; Donald rewrites birther history & alt-right pundits who supported it go silent.


09/15/2016 Thursday

On this episode: Amy Goodman arrested for filming the Dakota pipeline protest. Trump goes PC over Hillary’s deplorables comment, but remember that time Donald said 50% of Americans are lazy & on welfare? And how do we know Trump is really under IRS audit?


09/12/2016 Monday

On this episode: 9/11 victims’ families may get a chance to sue Saudi Arabia for wrongful death, Trump & Clinton go to Ground Zero, and a look back at right-wing icon Phyllis Schlafly.


09/05/2016 Monday

On this episode: Putin denies involvment in the US elections, Hillary Clinton lies about classified documents training, Donald Trump screws things up with Hispanics & tries again with African Americans in Detroit, & Pastor Mark Burns blames hackers & the media when he’s caught lying.


09/01/2016 Thursday

On this episode: Millions in taxpayer money is embezzled through charter schools, Indiana has a BIG lead problem, & a look at hacking the election. Also Donald Trump goes to Mexico, but how’s he doing with African Americans?



08/29/2016 Monday

On this episode: Mylan epipen-gate shocks Sarah Jessica Parker, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe protest an oil pipeline in North Dakota, an in depth look at the Alt-Right & their coup of the Republican Party.


08/25/2016 Thursday

On this episode: The Clinton Foundation email scandal, Hillary profits from predatory schools & student debt, & Donald Trump funnels campaign donations straight into his pocket. Also Breitbart & Trump’s back-up plan should he lose in November – create a tin-stream media empire.


08/22/2016 Monday

On this episode: Fox News contributor admits right-wing lies about Donald Trump’s poll numbers, a look at systemic racism at Breitbart News, both Trump & Clinton take in illegal funding from foreign nationals, Louisiana Gov says Trump photo-op with flood victims was in poor taste.


08/18/2016 Thursday

On this episode: Conservative Radio Host Charlie Sykes admits the right-wing media have been dumbing down Americans for 20 years. Hillary Clinton gets DREAMers to help register Hispanic voters. An in depth look at Paul Manafort’s connections to Russia & Putin.


08/15/2016 Monday

On this episode: A judge orders Glenn Beck to reveal his sources, Putin & Erdogan start a bromance, and Christians say God will punish anyone who doesn’t vote for Trump. A look at Hillary’s taxes & health issues. Plus Donald makes jokes, but no one is laughing.


08/11/2016 Thursday

On this episode: Adventures in Donald Trump: the assassination jokes, Detroit’s tities, hiring undocumented immigrants, & breaking up with the GOP. Julian Assange uses DNC staffer’s death for political posturing. Conservatives turn on Matt Drudge.


08/08/2016 Monday

On this episode: Insiders say the Trump campaign is a joke gone too far, the media questions Melania’s ’95 immigration status, Bernie Sanders’ revolution continues, the religious right warns against women in positions of power & smear the Khan family.


08/04/2016 Thursday

On this episode: Donald Trump’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week.The wrath of Khan, calls Clinton the devil, lies about the NFL, the purple heart debacle. The GOP wants to throw Trump from the train. Could voter ID laws be Trump’s only chance at winning? And Hillary lied about her emails… again.


08/01/2016 Monday

On this episode: We explore the right-wing theory that feelings are facts & why this election is dominated by authoritarianism. Donald’s ties to Russia revealed. And an in depth look at why Trump hires illegal immigrants to build his towers.



07/28/2016 Thursday

On this episode: Hillary Clinton blames Trump & Russia for DNC leak, Tim Kaine isn’t so boring after all, Bill O’Reilly corrects the First Lady’s comments on slaves building the White House, & Trump trolls Sanders hoping to woo his Bros.


07/25/2016 Monday

On this episode: Another email scandal rocks the democratic party, David Duke announces a bid for US Senate & Donald Trump sort of disavows him, and Roger Ailes leaves Fox News amid allegations of sexual harassment.


07/21/2016 Thursday

A very special RNC Edition of HARDLINE Melania Trump’s controversial speech, Sheriff David Clarke hates Black Lives Matter, Chris Christie’s trial of Hillary Clinton… and so much more.


07/18/2016 Monday

On this episode: Find out who Governor Mike Pence is, the GOP releases their new Trump-edition platform, & Virginia takes the Bathroom Wars to the Supreme Court. Also, is Pokemon Go targeting Christians for Islamic terrorists?


07/14/2016 Thursday

On this episode: Gretchen Carlson versus Roger Ailes, GOP takes another stab at Hillary Clinton, is Black Lives Matter a racist terrorist group, and Donald Trump finds inspiration from Law & Order.


07/11/2016 Monday

On this episode: An in-depth look at the shootings of Alton Sterling & Philando Castile. The right-wing blames Dallas on Black Lives Matter. And why is everyone jumping ship after the Brexit vote?


07/07/2016 Thursday

On this episode: An in depth look at why the FBI recommended not to indict Hillary Clinton, a history lesson on gun control during Colonial America, and the latest Donald Trump scandals.


07/04/2016 Monday

On this episode: Fact checking Donald Trump’s claims about the TPP & an expose on why his casinos in Atlantic City went bankrupt. Obama’s drone program has some major flaws. The connection between anger & gun violence. And the parody ad the NRA doesn’t want you to hear.



06/30/2016 Thursday

On this episode: The Benghazi report proves Hillary didn’t lie, but Trey Gowdy just can’t say it. UKIP’s Brexit causes a financial f*ckopocolyse by lying to the British people about immigrants. Anti-abortion Christians lose their minds after the latest Supreme Court’s ruling. And what does mental illness have to do with a Texas mother shooting his children to death?


06/27/2016 Monday

On this episode: The UK votes for Brexit, but what does that really mean? The Trump campaign is broke after paying Donald for running for president. The NRA calls the House Dems sit-in an act of terrorism. CNN hires Corey Lewandowski & Megyn Kelly goes nuts.


06/23/2016 Thursday

On this episode: Wall Street threatens Hillary Clinton over possible Elizabeth Warren VP pick. Donald Trump’s popularity drops to a new low & RNC insiders plan a delegate revolt for the July convention. House Dems stage a sit-in for gun control regulation. And an in depth look at the individual rights theory & the second amendment.


06/20/2016 Monday

On this episode: Will the Democrat filibuster fix the the terror watch list & easy access to assault rifles? A look back at how the NRA changed our perception of the 2nd Amendment. Trump & Sessions want to ban Middle Eastern immigrants. The role religion played in the Orlando shooting.


06/16/2016 Thursday

On this episode: Republicans blame the Orlando shooting on Islamic terrorism, ignoring easy access to assault weapons & deadly religiously-sanctioned homphobia. Why the AR-15 is the gun of choice for mass murderers. An expose on how the oil & coal industries fund anti-climate science.


06/13/2016 Monday

On this episode: A look at the #OrlandoShooting & who is responsible for this tragedy. GOP elite discuss stealing RNC delegates from Trump with a 40 year old Ronald Reagan game plan. Christians say premarital sex is destroying marriage, while ignoring child sexual abuse by pastors.


06/09/2016 Thursday

On this episode: Did provisional ballots help Hillary Clinton win California? Bernie Sanders vows: No sleep ’til the convention! Also in depth look into the case of Brock Turner & how rape culture is passed down from father to son.


06/06/2016 Monday

On this episode: Trump is exposed as a conman & owes millions to Wall St. Zombie conspiracies about Facebook resurface, while over 20K atheists gather in DC at Reason Rally. Red Ice podcasters laugh at neo-Nazi trolls targeting Jews online.


06/02/2016 Thursday

On this episode: An in depth report on the match-up of Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump. And what about Bernie Sanders? Also a detailed look at Trump’s involvement in slave labor. Could his experience come in handy for the Southern border wall?



05/30/2016 Monday

On this episode: The TSA & the NSA; what are they good for? Trump’s Art of the Persuasion exposes Republican’s ‘white rage’. Glenn Beck guarantees transgender rights will open the door to pedophilia, ignoring rampant child abuse by evangelical pastors.


05/26/2016 Thursday

On this episode: Hillary Clinton gets caught breaking the rules & Democrats plan to give the DNC chair the boot. The Christian Right uses Donald Trump to select Scalia’s replacement. Have Christians been fighting against bathroom equality for nearly a 100 years? And an in depth look at who started the pro-life movement.


05/23/2016 Monday

On this episode: Hillary bashes Bernie’s adopted grandchildren, Trump & Megyn get back together, & conservatives throw a tantrum over Facebook at Zuckerberg meeting. NRA’s Wayne LaPierre blames elites for American gun violence. Also, Sen. Tom Cotton uses outdated statistics to prove the US has an “under-incarceration” problem.


05/19/2016 Thursday

On this episode: Did the DNC pull a fast one on Bernie Sanders supporters in Nevada? ALEC writes Wisconsin’s new voter ID law, a bathroom vigilante attacks a woman, & Alex Jones’ favorite white supremacist joins the Council For National Policy.


05/16/2016 Monday

On this episode: We celebrate all things stupid. Texas threatens to secede… again. Speaker Ryan has his first date with Trump. Sexism is now a thing, the Bathroom Wars rage on & conspiracy theorists cash in on the Trump train.


05/12/2016 Thursday

On this episode: HBO uses copyright complaints to stop YouTube spoilers. An in depth report on America’s economic recovery & who’s been trying to stop it. Donald Trump’s new white nationalist delegate makes waves – and Budweiser cashes in on making America great again.


05/09/2016 Monday

On this episode: A Political Extravaganza featuring Donald Trump & how he uses conspiracy theories to win voters. Alex Jones threatens Journalist George Will, then deletes the video. Glenn Beck predicts God will destroy America for not choosing Cruz. NC Gov McCory blames Obama conspiracy over HB2 opposition.


05/05/2016 Thursday

On this episode: Big Food lobbies Congress to protect their private emails with a new law. Colorado Gov stops residents from banning fracking in their neighborhoods. Michigan lost $30M in teacher pay & Obama drinks Flint water… sort of. And the DoJ tells North Carolina their bathroom bill violates the 1964 Civil Rights Act.


05/02/2016 Monday

On this episode: Will the real Donald Trump please stand up? What does Harriet Tubman on the $20 have to do with domestic terrorism? Rick Wiles says Russia will nuke the US over Target’s bathroom policy. Bernie Sanders channels his inner Ron Paul to win more superdelegates.



04/28/2016 Thursday

On this episode: Meet the Liberty Counsel, the evangelical lawyers behind the bathroom birther & anti-abortion laws. Carly joins Cruz, Bernie downsizes his campaign & Trump explains his take on foreign policy – sort of. Also a report on why voting isn’t a guaranteed right anymore.


04/25/2016 Monday

On this episode: An in depth report on the armed insurrection planned for this summer at the RNC. A new book claims atheist Christopher Hitchens accepted Jesus before he died. Did God destroy the Ark Encounter Theme Park with a flood? Why straight men are more of a threat in a bathroom than transgender people.


04/22/2016 Friday

On this episode: Prince dies & Alex Jones blames chemtrails. Conservatives hold tight to their Bathroom Birther laws. Denver schools combat guns on campus with more guns. A look at the 2016 Political Follies. And a special report on why we may have misunderstood Donald Trump.


04/18/2016 Monday

On this episode: How the government gets their information from corporations. The Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooter has a dream. Forget the Panama Papers because US tax havens cost Americans over $83 billion a year. And another installment of “Oh God… It’s Religion”.


04/11/2016 Monday

On this episode: Trump predicts trouble at the RNC while Roger Stone & Alex Jones plans Days of Rage. Did Bill Clinton ruin Hillary’s chances with black voters? Glenn Beck throws a tantrum because Drudge Report makes fun of him. And another edition of “Oh God… It’s Religion”.


04/08/2016 Friday

On this episode: Human sacrifice saved civilization? The Mormon apocalypse has begun. Everyone goes crazy over the Panama Papers. An expose on the DNC laundering $$ for Hillary Clinton. And Mike Adams’ lies hurt the CBD industry more than the FDA.


04/04/2016 Monday

On this episode: Arizona passes 3 new anti-abortion laws. Mississippi & the NRA wants guns in every church. A historical look at the immigrants who helped shape America. And another edition of “Oh God… It’s Religion”.


04/01/2016 Friday

On this episode: An in depth look into racism in America. The many ways technology is changing our lives. Anti-abortion crusades just got serious. Did Michelle Fields deserve to be assaulted by Trump’s campaign manager?



03/28/2016 Monday

On this episode: America’s issue with infidelity & Ted Cruz. Political correctness is out of hand regarding colleges and Muslims. Guns at the RNC & the Trump Militia planning to attend to protect the Donald.


03/25/2016 Friday

On this episode: An in depth look into the terrorist attacks in Belgium & who is responsible. Are Christians using abortions & contraception to take away women’s rights? Which is more frightening: AI robots or the Twitter community?


03/23/2016 Wednesday

On this episode: Bernie Sanders v. the Superdelegates reminicent of Ron Paul’s mad grab for delegates in 2012. Mitch McConnell invents more excuses for not picking a Supreme Court justice. Find out what Donald Trump is giving Alex Jones for handing over his audience to the candidate. And Congress goes after child sex trafficking commercials online.


03/21/2016 Monday

On this episode: Artificial intelligence is watching Twitter for drunken tweets. The Flint water crisis is spreading across the country. What is juvenoia & why you probably have it. Voters are pissed off about the prospect of voting for either Clinton or Trump. And Sheriff Joe Arpaio admits on Fox News to trying to intimidate Jane Sanders at his tent city.


03/17/2016 Thursday

On this episode: Magic is a national treasure, Americans need more naps, & scientists think pigeons can stop pollution. Freaked out students mistaken a light saber for a rifle. Obama’s SCOTUS nominee makes the GOP lose their mind. Plus another edition of the 2016 Political Follies.


03/15/2016 Tuesday

On this episode: Americans think robots aren’t coming for their jobs. ADHD is linked to… astrology? Bodyshaming has become part of being American. How disinformation about Zika virus is hurting women’s rights in Brazil. And a short recap of recent political follies.


03/11/2016 Friday

On this episode: The Pentagon admits using drones to spy on Americans at home. What do aliens have to do with the murder of Pastor Tim Remington in Ohio? Why are lawmakers choosing active shooter training for children to prevent more school shootings? And answering your questions on Hardline’s Q&A.


03/09/2016 Wednesday

On this episode: NRA gets rid of concealed carry permits in West Virginia. Pentagon hires Google CEO to help them be more tech savvy. The “not so safe” self-driving car, & Uber redefines “rape” after 17k complaints. Why Trump is the Teflon candidate & a lesbian woman gets her adoption rights back.


03/07/2016 Monday

On this episode: The replication crisis in psychology that wasn’t … or was it? A glimpse into what a Trump presidency would be like. And the importance of education as explained by gun owners, Ben Carson & the anti-abortion movement.


03/03/2016 Thursday

On this episode: Are superdelegates Hillary Clinton’s yellow brick road to the DNC? How the Tea Party went to Washington & changed everything. Robert Lewis Dear explains why he killed 3 people at a Colorado Planned Parenthood. And another edition of “Oh God… It’s Religion”.



02/29/2016 Monday

On this episode: An in depth look at why female genital mutilation is becoming popular in the UK & the US. Donald Trump attracts the KKK & his supporters don’t seem to mind. And what happens when a VA nurse shows up drunk and participates in an emergency surgery?


02/24/2016 Wednesday

On this episode: John Kasich leads the charge against women’s rights. Ted Cruz wants to give all of our public land to private corporate interests. Donald Trump’s violent history. Bernie Sanders challenges Hillary Clinton to come clean. And another edition of “Oh God… It’s Religion”.


02/22/2016 Monday

On this episode: Porn stars fight to have unprotected sex, Kentucky gets 2 marriage licenses & Franklin Graham campaigns for the preservation of Christian hegemony. We reveal the corporations that are funding Donald Trump’s campaign, Marco Rubio is upset about being associated with conspiracy, and Ted Cruz wants to choose Scalia’s replacement.


02/19/2016 Friday

On this episode: An update on the Oregon refuge occupiers & the surprises they left behind. Glenn Beck thinks Justice Scalia died so Ted Cruz could become president. An in depth look into the significant rise of hate groups across the US & why Texas is leading the charge. Plus an interview with Tom Harris on the benefits of adapting to climate change.


02/17/2016 Wednesday

On this episode: An in depth look into the political agenda in the wake of Justice Antonin Scalia’s death. The shocking truth behind voter ID laws & what’s up with ghost voting? Husbands in Kentucky might need to ask their wives for permission to use Viagra. And Ted Cruz brings morality back to America by hiring a porn actress.


02/15/2016 Monday

On this episode: Why couch potatoes have smaller brains. More Americans are finding love online by swiping right. Breathing has become a problem in certain countries thanks to air pollution caused by industry. And another edition of “Oh God … It’s Religion” to round off your Monday funnies.


02/10/2016 Wednesday

On this episode: We take a look at the funniest campaign moments in New Hampshire. A history on evolution of American marriage. France tells Facebook to stop spying on it’s citizens with a court order. Also, a Chicago cop sues the family of a teenager he killed over “emotional trauma” & Monsanto gets caught lying.


02/08/2016 Monday

On this episode: Tinder can hook you up with a hottie & campaign information on Bernie Sanders. A patriot radio host confesses that he’s playing a character just to fool his audience into giving him money. Also how Krispy Kreme dounuts can kill you, & an in depth report on how doctors & hospitals scam millions from patients & taxpayers in unnecessary surgeries.


02/05/2016 Friday

On this episode: An in depth look at the Zika virus from Central America all the way to Texas. Pharma bad boy Shkreli and his date with the House of Representatives. How did lead get into our pipes; from Flint to 18 other states in the US. And Black Lives Matters activist is running for mayor of Baltimore.


02/03/2016 Wednesday

On this episode: Sarah Palin uses veterans & PTSD to pander Trump supporters. And why is Trump so popular. The answer might surprise you. Also behind the movement to legalize rape, a woman fakes have cancer for $400k, and the latest developments in the Flint Water Crisis.


02/01/2016 Monday

On this episode: Why did nearly 5 million Chinese citizens die from cancer in 2015? A look into the curious belief that the Earth is flat. How online colleges dupe students into enrolling. And an expose on Ted Cruz crusade to stop girls and minorities from getting an education in science.



01/27/2016 Wednesday

On this episode: The FBI arrests Ammon & the Bundy Bunch. Get the latest on the end of the Extended Weekend in Oregon. Also the Founder of the Center for Medical Progress has a warrant out for his arrest. And why is Sebring, Ohio looking more like Flint, Michigan. Getting the lead out is a lot harder than it looks – or is it?


01/25/2016 Monday

On this episode: A collection of the wacky things Ted Cruz, Donald Trump & Carly Fiorina are doing on the campaign trail. Another edition of “Oh God… It’s Religion”. And an Extended Weekend in Oregon Update. The latest militia news; including why are children at the occupation?


01/22/2016 Friday

On this episode: Another Weekend in Oregon Update all about the latest shenanigans going on at the refuge. Loretta Lynch answers to the NRA’s favorite Senator on Obama’s gun control executive actions. And the latest on the World Economic Forum at Davos. What are the elites up to now?


01/20/2016 Wednesday

On this episode: Why the Sons of Confederate Veterans rallied around the Mississippi capital with a pocket full of shells. Donald Trump caught pandering to evangelicals. The truth about car dealerships. And an interview with Tom Harris, on what President Obama didn’t tell you about the Paris Agreement.


01/18/2016 Monday

On this episode: The Weekend in Oregon Update. What are those militia men up to now? Ted Cruz apologizes for his “New York Values” comment … sort of. An expose on the Tiny House movement and the agenda behind it. And another edition of “Oh God… It’s Religion”.


01/15/2016 Friday

On this episode: What’s up with Obama’s SOTU adress? What do the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have in common with El Chapo? Ted Cruz takes loans from Goldman Sachs & Citibank, but what did he do with the money? And an update on the Oregon standoff.


01/13/2016 Wednesday

On this episode: The strange reason Donald Trump likes Kim Jung-Un. What is the Convention of States Project & what else are they planning? Debunking the myth that Hitler took the guns. And another edition of “Oh God … It’s Religion.”


01/08/2016 Friday

On this episode: An in depth look at the militia in Oregon. Who is Ammon Bundy? Are there agent provocateurs amongst the militia? What are the ulterior motives behind this standoff? Also another edition of Police State Wrap Up.


01/06/2016 Wednesday

On this episode: We break open Nipplegate in New Hampshire. How easy is it to get NRA certified for a concealed carry permit? Commentary: Obama’s gun control executive orders. And another edition of “Oh God … It’s Religion”.


01/04/2016 Monday

On this episode: Is there a hidden agenda behind the militia takeover in Oregon? Where are the good guys with guns? The answer might surprise you. Also an expose on the importance of news media integrity & the alleged assassination attempt on Alex Jones.


2015 HARDLINE Radio Show Archives


12/30/2015 Wednesday

On this Episode: 2015: Year in Review, Part Deux. We take a look at the lies we were told by some of the biggest names in political circles & trends forecasting. Plus internet privacy, hackers, police brutality, & Christian persecution American-style.


12/28/2015 Monday

On this Episode: 2015: Year in Review. We take a hilarious look at the stories & headlines that made this year memorable. Find out who won the WTF Award, who made it to the Bad Boys list of 2015, and why this year is arguably the year of the gun.


12/21/2015 Monday

On this Episode: Why is Ted Cruz using Santa Claus to get private info on his faithful followers? President Obama explains how DHS spies on social media. And the hilarious lies LifeLock told to convince customers they would protect their data. Also another edition of “Oh God! It’s Religion.”


12/18/2015 Friday

On this Episode: Russian President Putin says Donald Trump is “worthy” of the presidency. The victims of the Sandy Hook hoaxers speak out against Professor James Tracy. And another edition of Police State Wrap Up.


12/16/2015 Wednesday

On this episode: The Bristol Palin Effect & why abstinence does not work. Tinder wants users to hook & exchange … organs? An in depth look into the ratings deal between Alex Jones & Donald Trump. And meet Roger Stone, the spin doctor behind WHISIS.


12/14/2015 Monday

On this episode: Stupid things the ACLU posts on Facebook. How WHISIS could be infiltrating the Democratic Party. Gene-editing is taking the agricultural industry by storm. And another edition of “Oh God… It’s Religion.”


12/11/2015 Friday

On this episode: Did Donald Trump inspire Christians who attacked Muslims in California & New York? An in depth look at transgenesis & why the alternative media mistakens it for GMO. And another edition of Police State Wrap Up.


12/9/2015 Wednesday

On this episode: Australian scientists discover that fluoridation really does cause tooth decay. One drug company funds a study to help people feel pain. And how the right-wing conservative rhetoric that is helping ISIS radicalize more Muslims so both can bring about Armageddon.


12/07/2015 Monday

On this episode: An update on the threat Fukushima still poses to the West Coast. How we can defeat the Islamic State, as explained by former hostage Nicholas Henin. And another edition of everybody’s favorite, “Oh God … It’s Religion”.


12/04/2015 Friday

On this episode: Does the NRA pay politicians & GOP hopefuls to use mass shootings for political posturing? Plus a look into Donald Trump’s story about Jersey City celebrations during 9/11. And how Putin’s Cold War propaganda techniques are influencing the right-wing & alternative media.


12/01/2015 Wednesday 

On this episode: Why the Federal Reserve’s new rule on emergency aid could become a banker bail-in funded by US taxpayers. The US is concerned about China using space as their personal garbage can. And an in-depth report on why no one wants to talk about the American Taliban.



11/30/2015 Monday 

On this episode: Why is Tennessee being invaded by millions of spiders? An in depth report on the recent shooting at a Colorado Planned Parenthood. Separating the facts from fiction, GOP presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Carly Fiorina weigh in. Plus another edition of “Oh God … It’s Religion”.


11/27/2015 Friday 

On this episode: Trump out-Trumps himself by getting caught in ridiculous lies. Find out what his supporters think about the controversy. Also, another edition of Police State Wrap-Up. And an enlightening conversation with Cindy Sheehan on the curious rise of Right-Wing governments across the globe.


11/25/2015 Wednesday

On this episode: We take a look at the latest developments in the Benghazi scandal. Another edition of “Oh God … It’s Religion”, and a discussion with Kira Young on the Native American perspective of Thanksgiving.


11/23/2015  Monday

On this episode: Fact-checking Ben Swann. Did the US really want ISIS to emerge in Syria? An in depth report on the Second Cold War gearing up between the US & Russia and the helping hand of alternative media.


11/20/2015 Friday

On this episode: Thanks to the right-wing media, looking like a Muslim can get you thrown off an airplane. A McDonalds in New York is serving up Hepatitis A with your fries. And a discussion about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict with Max Igan. HARDLINE thanks actor Jon Bailey for his stellar performance and welcomes his talent as our new radio show announcer.


11/16/2015 Monday

On this episode: Is radical Islam to blame for the attack on Paris? We expose the right-wing French Nationalist Front, the Muslim ghettos outside of Paris, Israeli settlements for French Jewish refugees and the systemic problems that led to the deadly aggression. Plus another edition of Oh God … It’s Religion.


11/13/2015 Friday

On this episode: To tip or not to tip with Adam Conover. Fear and loathing with the FDA on figuring out what “all natural” really means. Donald Trump could be breaking the law over Starbuck’s Christmas cups. And another edition of Police State Wrap Up with Quentin Tarantino.


11/11/2015 Wednesday

On this episode: Is the War On Christmas more like Christian on Christian crime? Joshua Feuerstein & Bill O’Reilly explain. Why are wealthy American transplant tourists contracting hepatitis C? And an interview with Vin B on why media changes region to region.


11/09/2015 Monday

On this episode: Why Infowars Paul Joseph Watson is the poster child for right-wing Christian misogyny. Are designer cells really a “cure” for cancer? And another edition of everyone’s favorite, “Oh God … It’s Religion”.


11/06/2015 Friday

On this episode: Why are white Americans dying off and how climate change is affecting your sex life. Also Jeff Foxworthy makes truthy jokes about living in America. And another edition of Police State Wrap Up.


11/04/2015 Wednesday

On this episode: Debunking the Fox News claim that there is a Syrian & Iraqi invasion happening in America. A shocking report on how much money the US gives Israel to kill off the Palestinian people. And an interview with Dr. Rima Laibow on how you can legally refuse vaccinations.


11/02/2015 Monday 

On this episode: An in depth look at how advertising has created our modern day consumer culture. Also uncovering the real reason behind China’s 1 child policy change. And in honor of the new Speaker of the House, a look back at Congressman Paul Ryan’s stance on the issues.



10/30/2015 Friday 

On this episode: Tyson Foods caught abusing chickens for the 3rd time in 3 months. Thanks to MIT now we can see through walls. And an interview with Kira Young on the Highway of Tears.


10/28/2015 Wednesday 

On this episode: Bernie Sanders v. Exxon, who will win? Why is Fox News comparing Black Lives Matter to the KKK? And Wayne LaPierre shares his strategy for ending gun violence in America. Plus the latest edition of Police State Wrap Up.

10/26/2015    Monday – On this episode: Meet the man who unseated Bill Gates to become the richest man in America and find out how Wall Street hedge fund managers that got away with a multi – million dollar insider trading scheme. Also a special interview with Popeye, host of Down the Rabbit Hole, on feeding the homeless and what we all can do to change our communities for the better.

10/21/2015    Wednesday – Today is an Encore Presentation of Susanne’s October 7th Show.

10/19/2015    Monday

10/16/2015    Friday – On this episode: Christians killing children in the US, Mike Huckabee wants to bring back black slavery, and Bernie Sanders can’t be brought by Big Pharma. Also an in depth report of what Americans fear the most. And how the YouTube effect is changing policing.

10/14/2015    Wednesday – On this episode: With 902 (and counting) people killed by police in 2015, police brutality is becoming a deadly trend. Also fact – checking Lou Dobbs on whether prayer in school actually decreases gun – related violence. And a mad scientist who wants to make pig people…?

10/12/2015    Monday – On this episode: Did the Nazis really disarm the German people before Hitler’s rise to power? The answer may surprise you. Also an in depth report on how the Tea Party took down Rep. Kevin McCarthy. And did you know diamonds are clairvoyant when it comes to predicting cancer?

10/09/2015    Friday – On this episode: Did the US commit a war crime by bombing a Doctors Without Borders hospital? Also why are gun owners turning to vigilante justice? And despite the hype, there’s something about the Trans – Pacific Partnership you might not know.

10/07/2015    Wednesday – On this episode: Another edition of Police State Wrap Up. What does a Libertarian Satanist have in common with Ron Paul? And an expose on how the Texas School Board gets away with teaching Christianity in public schools.

10/05/2015    Monday – Did mental health or loose gun law cause the Oregon shooting? Also two liars are up for Speaker of the House. Who will it be? And finally, an expose on a bogus anti-chemtrail supplement endorsed by G. Edward Griffin.

10/02/2015    Friday – TBA


09/30/2015    Wednesday – On this episode: What does Putin have to do with Shell abondoning their search for Arctic oil? Also why Republicans can’t find evidence that Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts. And an in depth report on how a police department convinced a grand jury to let them get away with murder.

09/28/2015    Monday – On this episode: Is the left/right paradigm real? Also why does Alternative Media support Republican presidential candidates? And a Pope-a-polooza Wrap Up with Tim Harris, director of the International Climate Science Coalition.

09/25/2015    Friday – On this episode: Psychopath pharmaceutical CEOs, the FDA’s questionable hiring practices and why single-payer trumps for-profit healthcare. Also Mike Huckabee’s latest problem with homosexuality, Ben Carson’s delusions of Satan and the similarities between conservative Christians and the Islamic Shria.

09/21/2015    Monday – On this episode: Q & A session on Exxon, climate change, sex robots and much ado about the Israel/Palestine conflict. Also another installment of Police State Wrap Up and a new segment – This Week in Religion.

09/18/2015    Friday – This is the episode you’ve all been waiting for: JADE HELM Exposed! Who was behind it, why they did it & what they’re going to do with the data the collected because of it. Also does Chinese smog cure nearsightedness? And the homemade clock that exposed our nation’s worst fears.

09/16/2015    Wednesday – On this episode: Meet God’s militia; armed & ready to defend Kim Davis in any way necessary. Also debunking the war on cops and why teachers have become an endangered species.

09/11/2015    Friday – On this episode: Congress will let the sun go down on healthcare for 9/11 responders unless… Also what happens when when a bunch of 8 year olds prank the police in Wisconsin? And we examine Elon Musk and his wacky supervillain plans for Mars.

09/09/2015    Wednesday – Work related stress, douchebag bosses and more.

09/07/2015    Monday – On this episode: Police State Wrap Up; including an officer that abuses authority to get people fired & put their private information online. Also why a Tennessee judge denied a divorce to a heterosexual couple. And Mike Huckabee’s Crusade to save Kim Davis and Christianity.

09/04/2015    Friday – Today is an Encore Presentation of Susanne’s August 10th Show. Enjoy the Encore opening theme.

09/02/2015    Wednesday – On this episode: Ron & Rand Paul try to distract their donors from asking: “Where’s the money?” An in depth look at mandatory minimums and an on-location report from Alice Anil from Beirut, Lebanon.


08/31/2015    Monday – Susanne talks about Govenor Crispy Creme’s idea to control the border.

08/28/2015    Friday – Today is an Encore Presentation of Susanne’s August 17th Show. Enjoy the Encore opening theme.

08/26/2015    Wednesday – Today is an Encore Presentation of Susanne’s July 29th Show. Enjoy the Encore opening theme.

08/24/2015    Monday – Today is an Encore Presentation of Susanne’s August 8th Show. Enjoy the Encore opening theme.

08/17/2015    Monday – On this episode: We ask Christians why they are against the Iran nuclear deal and the strange answers they gave might shock you. Also meet the wealthier than Rockefeller psychopaths that turned the US into an addicted nation. Plus an in depth report on why so many foster children die in CPS custody.

08/14/2015    Friday – On this episode: Another Uber driver sexually assaults his fare instead of taking cash. Mayors and male prostitutes in Indiana. Plus an expose on the super-secret special ingredient farmers use to grow food in the US.

08/12/2015    Wednesday – On this episode: Who is behind the gay prostitute Tea Party conspiracy? Also an in depth report on the next subprime bubble getting ready to burst. Plus fresh or frozen – why Facebook and Apple want to pay their female employees to freeze their eggs rather than have children now.

08/10/2015    Monday – On this episode: We offer some interesting solutions to those who are stopped and frisked. What are those wacky Russians doing in the Arctic and why some bras really are bullet-proof. Plus an expose on the biggest criminal organization in the US – the police.

08/07/2015    Friday – On this episode: Has the dystopian vision of robots destroyed human’s chance at co-existence? Also meet Senator Ted Cruz biggest financier – the Assembly of Yahweh. Plus we break down the numbers to figure out why America is so fat.

08/05/2015    Wednesday – Taco Bell ‘pig’ burritos offend cop & his fiance. Atlanta airport is the best place to smuggle guns. Plus an interview with CopBlock on the impact filming police brutality is having on the public and cops.

08/03/2015    Monday – On this episode: Your questions answered about Planned Parenthood, the videos and selling aborted ‘baby parts’. Also why robots are in danger from killer humans. Plus when is it ok to shoot a drone out of the sky?


07/31/2015    Friday – On this episode: Religious freedom vs. Muslim-free zones, state department peeping toms and how killing Cecil the lion pissed off the internets (i.e. Walter Palmer). Plus deadly diseases that spread because of for-profit healthcare and an in depth report from Alice Anil on the Greek debt crisis.

07/29/2015    Wednesday – On this episode: NASA is pushing space camp to the next generation of Mars mission astronauts, the artificial intelligence arms race and Bobby Jindal’s PR gun boondoggle after the Lafayette theater shooting. Plus how Counter Jade Helm is helping Right Wing Christian conservatives prepare for a religious takeover of the US.

07/27/2015    Monday – On this episode: Oathkeepers protecting the protectors, provocateurs trying to start a fight with Jade Helm 15 & who infiltrated the 9/11 truth movement? Plus, an in depth report on what is causing autism rates to skyrocket.

07/24/2015    Friday – On this episode we look at the evidence behind the claim that the government plans on putting Patriots & Constitutionalists in interment camps. Also an expose on why Ted Cruz wants the US Supreme Court to be all Christian conservatives; and the facts behind how doctors make extra money from end-of-life patients.

07/22/2015    Wednesday – On this episode we discuss the mysterious death of Sandra Bland, a hitchhiking robot out there right now waiting for a lift and a gun shop owner in Florida who declared his store a Muslim-Free Zone.

07/20/2015    Monday – On tonight’s show we discuss the latest on the TPP, police racism in the UK, and self-aware robots. Also an in depth report on charter schools and who is behind the dumbing down of Americans.

07/17/2015    Friday – On tonight’s show we tackle topics such as Jade Helm 15, police safe zones for Craigslist shoppers, and how the DoD plans to deal with fat soldiers.

07/15/2015    Wednesday – On tonight’s show we kick off this news extravaganza with a PSA from Vinny Eastwood on Jade Helm. We explore climate change hoaxes, why 9 Senators are pushing for more marijuana research and something more frightening than Obamacare.

07/13/2015    Monday – On tonight’s show we expose the economic threat of high frequency trading and artificial intelligence. Plus we uncover the truth behind the Obamacare death panels.

07/08/2015    Wednesday – On tonight’s show we will tackle as many headlines as we can. Subjects ranging from Adidas stealing plastic from fishermen to make eco-friendly shoes to the cat Jedi-mind control study. Plus an interview with Vinny Eastwood on his new TV show, Paradigm.

07/06/2015    Monday – On tonight’s show we explore a libertarian tactic for getting out of a DUI checkpoint with constitutional attorney Scott Stafne. Also, has religious persecution become an issue for 2016 presidential candidates to address?

07/03/2015    Friday – On tonight’s show we dig into the past week’s headlines and expose the truth behind the news on the definition of marriage, the religious freedom of the Church of Cannabis, the price gouging practices of Whole Foods and the possibility of a cashless society.

07/01/2015    Wednesday – On tonight’s show we explore Startpage & show how your private data may not be protected. Plus the latest religious shenanigans & details on the DoJ report on Ferguson police during the Michael Brown riots.


06/29/2015    Monday – On tonight’s show we fact-checked Ted Cruz comments on the lawless US Supreme Court. Also an in depth report on US prison’s use of solitary confinement, and why DARPA and NASA are trying to terraform Mars. These stories and so much more.

06/26/2015    Friday – On tonight’s show we expose the truth behind the Pentagon’s Law of War Manual & dispel alternative media spin. Also details on the US Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage.

06/24/2015    Wednesday – On tonight’s show we ask: How easy is it for hackers to take control of an airplane mid-flight? Also a detailed look into the relationship between the current GOP and white supremacists. And an exclusive interview with Tom Harris, executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition.

06/22/2015    Monday – On tonight’s show we take a look at technology that allows someone to literally see your thoughts, and explore the national debate over the Confederate Flag as a symbol of racism. Also the chilling realty of drone strikes in foreign countries and a special report by Alice Aneo.

06/19/2015    Friday – On tonight’s show we go in depth into the shooting in South Carolina and expose white supremacists in the alternative media. And ask why the National Forest Service is tracking visitors with GPS locators? Also an appearance by documentary filmmaker Alice Aneo.

06/17/2015    Wednesday – On tonight’s show we explore why robots are giving speeches, go in depth into the terrorists who are working for the TSA and find out why Crowds on Demand is so popular with presidential candidates.

06/15/2015    Monday – On tonight’s show we look at how prosecutors use grand juries to protect cops. Also the propaganda war brewing between oil corporations & the Catholic Church. Plus an interview with Chris Dorsey on his recent incarceration for filming public servants breaking the law.

06/12/2015    Friday – On tonight’s show we discuss why the House of Representatives just passed a bill that keeps consumers in the dark about how much cloned meat is in our food supply. Also an in depth report of Michigan’s new religious freedom to discriminate law and we talk with Kira Young about Bill Nye’s new found love of Monsanto.

06/10/2015    Wednesday – On tonight’s show we begin with an in depth report on why hospitals charge so much to a select group of patients. Also the NHTSA wants cars that won’t start if you’re intoxicated and find out why our children are no longer safe from police brutality – even at a pool party.

06/05/2015    Friday – On tonight’s show we find out why America is paying for the healthcare of Nazis. Also a detailed report into fracking disasters covered up by the oil corporations and the EPA; as well as the potentially toxic trend of eating a placenta.

06/03/2015    Wednesday – On tonight’s show we take a detailed look at the USA Freedom Act and what it means to America’s privacy. Also the banking scheme aimed at financially destroying our soldiers, and the reason why you might be at risk for committing murder if you have taken Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

06/01/2015    Monday – On tonight’s show we explained why its highly unlikely that we will all be “chipped” in the near future; also the secret behind Rand Paul’s Crusade against the NSA he doesn’t want you to know. And find out why a 100 year old cartel is legally allowed to control the car business.


05/29/2015    Friday – On tonight’s show we have an in depth report on the origins of Memorial Day; also the cat fight brewing between Big Pharma and Natural Medicines. And find out if your favorite fast food chain is jumping on the healthy eating train.

05/25/2015    Monday – On tonight’s show we discussed the lessons learned by Josh Duggar and child molestation; also an i depth look at how the eugenicsmovement has changed in modern times and why so many are willing to take a dangerous natural supplement in order to lose weight.

05/22/2015    Friday – On tonight’s show a break down of Senator Rand Paul’s NSA filibuster; also the damage the TPP has already caused and a detailed report on the religious freedom our Founding Fathers intended for Americans.

05/20/2015    Wednesday – On tonight’s show an in depth look into fake charities and what to watch out for; also a report on how much Big Oil paid Texas Gov & state reps to ban residents from banning fracking and an interview with Paul the Trombonist on student loans.

05/18/2015    Monday – On tonight’s show we looked into the actual abilities of hackers, kayaktivists against Shell’s Arctic drilling adventure and how the coal industry is destroying our drinking water.

05/15/2015    Friday – On tonight’s show we discussed the Trojan Horse that is the USDA GMO labeling certification and why some media outlets are lying to you, the fear and fantasy surrounding artifical intelligence, and some words of wisdom from Thomas Sheridan.

05/13/2015    Wednesday – On tonight’s show we discussed the rise of the Right Wing and why there is a mass exodus from religion; also a detailed explanation of California’s controversial SB277, and does your child have ADHD or a concussion – the answer may surprise you.

05/11/2015    Monday – On tonight’s show we expose the marketing scheme that could save the NSA spy programs from reform, the deadly Mexican Vaccine Program provided by Merck and why the Baltimore Police have gotten away with decades of hospitalizing suspect during rough rides.

05/08/2015    Friday – On tonight’s show we took an in depth look into the free speech rights of Big Pharma, why abstinence makes the spread of disease easier and the latest developments in the police brutality industry.

05/06/2015    Wednesday – On tonight’s show we discussed how Great Clips data-mines their customers, Wells Fargo’s latest bank scam, NASA’s ‘warp-drive’ engine and why the Millennial Generation aren’t having babies.

05/04/2015    Monday – On tonight’s show we discussed the death of journalism, the venture deal between the DoJ and Taser to sell police body-worn cameras on the taxpayer’s dime, and how effective boycotting can stop corporations from selling poison to customers.

05/01/2015    Friday – On tonight’s show we discussed the Top 10 Most Shocking Things About Vaccines and spoke with Sallie Elkordy on anti-vaccine activism.


04/24/2015    Friday – On tonight’s show we discussed deadly games cops play, Hillary Clinton and some little known the secrets behind drone strikes.

04/22/2015    Wednesday – On tonight’s show we disccused the Wrath of Shatner on Big Oil Brown, how the wealthy get away with murder and the trans-pacific partnership.

04/20/2015    Monday – On tonight’s show we discussed FBI created terrorism in depth and legalizing marijuana in honor of 420.

04/17/2015    Friday – On tonight’s show find out and where 5 billion gallons of human waste ends up every day. A show not to be missed.

04/15/2015    Wednesday – On tonight’s show we discussed Cannabidiol, why troops aren’t vaccinating their children and the deadly pretend-a-cop problem.

04/13/2015    Monday – On tonight’s show another installment of the popular Ironic Propaganda, California’s vaccine exemption elimination and guess who’s behind the latest call for Sharia law?

04/10/2015    Friday – On tonight’s show we discussed the problem with bankers, forced vaccinations and the troofer movement.

04/08/2015    Wednesday – On tonight’s show we discussed the wacky 2016 presidential GOP hopefuls, the Kansas food stamp boondoggle, and killer cops.

04/06/2015    Monday – On tonight’s show we discussed how pesticides cause infertility, NASA’s mission to Mars and an in depth report on the police culture of racism.

04/03/2015    Friday – On tonight’s show we discussed the oil divest movement, why our soldier’s commit suicide and aliens.

04/01/2015    Wednesday – On tonight’s show we discussed obesity in children, why America’s poor join the military and debunking JFK with Chuck Ochelli.


03/30/2015    Monday – On tonight’s show we discussed legal discrimination, DARPA robots and the hidden dangers of GMO.

03/27/2015    Friday – On tonight’s show we discussed Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s controversial religious freedom bill and Senator Ted Cruz.

03/25/2015    Wednesday – On tonight’s show we discussed the marketing of mastectomies, the resurrection of the Wooly Mammoth and how Warren Buffet funds junk food empires.

03/23/2015    Monday – On tonight’s show we discussed the fundamental problem with fundamentalism, Sharia Law and how two governors use climate change to help their oil corporation financiers.

03/20/2015    Friday – On tonight’s show we discussed racism, the many mysteries of fast food and using Common Core to balance the federal budget.

03/18/2015    Wednesday – On tonight’s show we discussed Al Gore’s new carbon tax marketing strategy and asked why Christians are so opposed to colonizing Mars.

03/16/2015    Monday – On tonight’s show we discussed the enormous wave of ethnic extremism fueled by racist groups and the alternative media.

03/13/2015    Friday – On tonight’s show we discussed automobile recall safety and other important topics.

03/11/2015    Wednesday – On tonight’s show we discussed Snake Oil sellers and more.

03/06/2015    Friday – On tonight’s show we discussed mandatory vaccine campaigns, smart cities and McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

03/04/2015    Wednesday – On tonight’s show we discussed the necessity of facts and evidence, free-range kids, and a threat bigger than Ebola.

03/02/2015    Monday – Tonight Susanne talks about another police murder of a homeless man by the Los Angeles Police Department.


02/27/2015    Friday – On tonight’s show we discussed the FCC’s vote this week on Title II what that really means, a lone snowball and a Christian conservative talking head paid for by the Council For National Policy and the discrimination of marijuana legalization.

02/25/2015    Wednesday – Investigative journalist Susanne Posel begins her New show “Hardline” debuts today on AFR’s re-launch.