Google Invests in Data Tracking Firm to ‘Help’ Common Core

Google Invests in Data Tracking Firm to ‘Help’ Common Core

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February 20, 2014

Google Ventures is turning its attention to start-up corporations by creating a growth fund with capital to be invested into those companies that need it.

David Lawee, partner Google Capital (GC), said that the initiative is “still very early and investing is long road.”

Potential corporations that would benefit from the GV fund are:

• SurveyMonkey
• Lending Club
Renaissance Learning (RL)

RL will receive $40 million to begin their cloud-based education platform for students K – 12.

This “computer-adaptive technology” is expected to speed up download times to make “teaching as effective as possible.”

Using RL, “teachers [can] keep students on track for college and career readiness.”

RL has based their curriculum standards on Common Core to assist children in achieving these predetermined goals to enhance their learning environment.

In this way, teachers can track student’s progress throughout the year and make predictions about their future accomplishments within the school system.

Students will be able to “log in from any device, anywhere, any time, and interact with their teacher or classmates” for the purpose of any needed impromptu tutorial sessions or simply to get feedback from faculty or peers.

In this way, RL can monitor how each student is advancing and give faculty the ability to direct student’s education to “learn the right skills, at the right time, in the right way.”

Last September, Google made public their involvement with the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to influence educators and private sector companies “to create their own digital course and share it with the world.”

MOOC is collaborating with “universities, institutions, businesses, governments and teachers to build and host their courses for a global audience.”

Anant Agarwal, president of edX said: “We have long admired Google’s commitment to open access to information, and we believe they will be a perfect partner to work with as we shape the next generation of open education and learning. Google shares our mission to improve learning both on-campus and online. Working with Google’s world-class engineers and technology will enable us to advance online, on-campus and blended learning experiences faster and more effectively than ever before.”

Online learning, built on Google’s infrastructure, will “provide a platform for colleges, universities, businesses and individuals around the world to produce high-quality online and blended courses.”

Agarwall explained: “We envision that the site will become an ideal way to develop and refine novel online learning experiences. Faculty, for example, new to online learning could get their feet wet, and learners who may not want to take a full course could also just get a taste. Moreover, we will be able to learn how to improve our platform by having more individuals build and use content.”

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