Exec Order: Only Gov Sanctioned Open Source Data Available to Public

Exec Order: Only Gov Sanctioned Open Source Data Available to Public

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May 11, 2013




President Obama signed a new executive order (EO) entitled, “Making Open and Machine Readable the New Default for Government Information” which states that all digital data sanctioned by the US government be made accessible to the public; including information from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).

With predictable rhetoric, Obama explains in the EO that “openness in government strengthens our democracy, promotes the delivery of efficient and effective services to the public, and contributes to economic growth. As one vital benefit of open government, making information resources easy to find, accessible, and usable can fuel entrepreneurship, innovation, and scientific discovery that improves Americans’ lives and contributes significantly to job creation.”

This Open Data Policy (ODP) is designed to entice entrepreneurs, researchers and the public to utilize data provided by the US government in the creation of new products, services and the creation of domestic corporations. The ODP asserts that federal agencies must “collect or create information in a way that supports downstream information processing and dissemination.”

Data standards, licenses, privacy, confidentiality, security and other restrictions will be defined by the ODP in order to have government control over which data is “open and easy to access” under the guise that this initiative will help entrepreneurs “build products and services we haven’t even imagined yet.”

This EO is trending the assumption that Obama has resumed his Open Government Directive (OGD) signed in 2009 which detailed the transparency of federal agencies for the purpose of participation and collaboration by the citizens with the Obama administration.

Taking the OGD international, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) specified commitments of a National Action Plan (NAP).

Internal indexed data is supposed to be made public within 30 days of the EO. The creation of Data.gov will become a central hub for open government data with developers installing application programing interface (API).

Project Open Data (POD) will release government sanctioned open source tools such as Github for free to developers.

Obama claims that this EO will create jobs and boost the economy.

Mainstream media (MSM) asserts that this initiative is a proof that the Obama administration is seeking transparency to show the American public that there will be no more secrets between them and the current administration.

However, built into the plan is a collecting process and data mining element as all harvestable files appear to be open access to the public.

Congress is empowered by this EO to enforce and define public interest with regard to data; as well as corporations.

This move came during a visit with technological entrepreneurs in Austin, Texas on Obama’s Middle Class Jobs and Opportunity Tour .

While speaking to those in the industry that are shaping digital technology, Obama hopes to gain their confidence and trust while subverting all information through governmental controls before making it accessible to the public.

The Obama administration has extended this initiative to include the medical industry with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) creating a system wherein the healthcare system’s digital information can be better controlled by the US government.

By having a direct link to corporations, the Obama administration can monitor and disseminate information while maintaining the appearance of being transparent, ensuring public safety, overseeing educational access and financial planning of individuals and corporations.

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