Eugenicists Use Obesity to Implement Depopulation and Mind-Altering Vaccines

Eugenicists Use Obesity to Implement Depopulation and Mind-Altering Vaccines

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December 14, 2012



Childhood obesity is dropping in Philadelphia, according to a report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. There were significant drops in obesity rate in African-American boys and Hispanic girls.

Researchers at the Archives of Internal Medicine studied over weight adults and children and discovered that when personal digital assistants (PDAs) were used to calculate their weight, they lost an estimated 8 pounds. The “real time” feedback became a psychological motivator for weight loss.

The American Heart Association claims in a scientific statement that using Facebook can reduce the effects of childhood obesity because of the pressure peers, family and friends can impose on overweight persons.

Overweight people appear to spend their time with other overweight people and this reinforces their eating habits. The use of internet social media is look to as an exploratory avenue to teach overweight children to associate themselves with other types of people; including those without eating disorders.

One contributor to childhood obesity is having a television in the child’s bedroom. This promotes a sedentary lifestyle, which could increase heart problems and inflammatory issues.

HealthyPeople is a government agency that uses “science-based . . . objectives for improving the health of all Americans.” This initiative monitors progress through:

• Coercive collaboration of communities and the private sector
• Provide directed educational materials to inform the general public
• Keep records of societal progress

Through providing “measurable objectives and goals that are applicable at the national, State, and local levels” HealthyPeople aspires to “identify nationwide health improvement priorities” and bring their version of information to the public to become the new social meme. The federal government uses HealthyPeople to control research by collecting data on American citizens.

In 2012 the US Army has discharged service men and women for being obese and not being able to pass fitness tests. Leslie Hull-Ryde, commander and spokesperson for the Pentagon stated: “A healthy and fit force is essential to national security. Our service members must be physically prepared to deploy on a moment’s notice anywhere on the globe to extremely austere and demanding conditions.”

At a UN General Assembly meeting in 1994 concerning the implementation of Agenda 21 with regard to population growth and subsequent control, the consensus was that there must be a continued trend toward stabilization of the world’s population through mandates of international and national policies that control the allowance of citizens to contribute to the growth of the human population.

The anti-obesity movement, according to Bebecca Puhl, Yale researcher, is not having the desired effect of deterring people from eating – as those who are behind these attacks hope to achieve. Puhl found that public announcements against over-eating have had the opposite effect on Americans.

Puhl said in a press release: “By stigmatizing obesity or individuals struggling with their weight, campaigns can alienate the audience they intend to motivate and hinder the behaviors they intend to encourage.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) asserts that the lack of “surveillance systems and monitoring” of over-weight people are not “integrated into national health information systems”. They demand that obese people are surveyed by the healthcare industry and governmental agencies to reduce “behavioral and metabolic risk factors” in low-income communities.

The target of these researchers is North America, specifically the American population. Although Americans only account for 6% of the global population, more than a third of them are considered obese. They contend a new social meme concerning consumption, weight and population growth called “globesity” must be introduced to combat this new problem.

Arena Pharmaceuticals have developed lorcaserin, which works against serotonin receptors that correlate with appetite signals in the brain and cause the patient to become less hungry. Touted as a medical enhancement to type 2 diabetes treatments, it reduced the weight of participants in clinical trials by 5 – 10%.

Scientists assert that somatostatin, a peptide hormone, inhibits the action of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor, both of which increase metabolism and result in weight loss. The vaccine would modify somatostatin by engineering so that the chemical inhabitation is removed and antibodies are created against somatostatin.

Because somatostatin is secreted in the digestive system, the hormone would eventually be carried to the brain where it would have a great likelihood of interacting with the chemical makeup of the brain and thereby have an encompassing psychological reaction.

When studied in mice, somatostatin:

• Mice who were given the vaccines experienced an initial drastic loss of weight but then gained weight over the course of six weeks – just not as quickly as the mice in the control group.
• The weight loss after the first dose of vaccine was so drastic that the dose used in the second injection in the study was reduced out of concern for the mice’s health.
• If the volume of vaccine given to the mice was scaled up it would be equivalent to over a litre for an average sized adult – a much greater volume than is usually used in a vaccination.

The reduction of the body’s production of ghrelin decreases hunger thereby reduces caloric intake and increases stored calories being used. This finding was presented at The Endocrine Society’s 93rd Annual Meeting in Boston.

Mariana Monteiro, MD, PhD, an associate professor at the University of Porto in Portugal and lead researcher in the study said: “An anti-ghrelin vaccine may become an alternate treatment for obesity, to be used in combination with diet and exercise.”

By reducing the effects of neuropeptides that control appetite, researchers show that obesity can be controlled. Simply put, scientists are advocating altering the mental states of humans to control their consumptive tendencies.

The effects of such a chemical alteration on humans have not been completely studied prior to the praise of this new finding. “This study demonstrates the possibility of treating obesity with vaccination”, says one of the authors of the study. “Although further studies are necessary to discover the long term implications of these vaccines, treatment of human obesity with vaccination would provide physicians with a drug- and surgical- free option against the weight epidemic.”

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