DHS and US Military Make Final Preparations Before Announcing Martial Law

DHS and US Military Make Final Preparations Before Announcing Martial Law

Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism
August 8, 2012


Informants and military personnel are coming forth anonymously to confirm that martial law “is right around the corner.” However, right now we are under a silent martial law and citizens are reporting strange and unexplainable activity from the US armed forces and multiple federal agencies that point to a covert preparatory operation to completely lock down America in the very near future.

Sources from multiple locations across the nation have independently confirmed that the US military are repositioning soldiers in conjunction with allied foreign troops in the initial stages of martial law.

The US military are secretly moving massive amounts of “equipment” across the country consistently for more than a year. In Phoenix, Arizona, tractor-trailers transporting tanks on public highways have been spotted. One witness stated that he saw these flatbeds multiple times in the month of June. Eye witness reports are coming primarily from the northern and southern Border States.

Peter Santilli, an ex-marine informant who was a specialist in aviation deployed weapons, explains that a refrigerated truck, allocated by the administration department on base, was directed to the commissary, where the unsuspecting driver believed that he was transporting food. The weapon was placed at the head of the trailer, and covered up with either food stores (like cans of soup) or body bags. In the event that the truck is stopped en route, the weapon would be well hidden and go undetected by inspectors on the public highways.

Santilli, who was assigned to ride in the cab of the truck with the driver, says that his orders were to make sure the truck arrived at its destination. If there were problems concerning potential civil unrest, he was to radio into his superiors for aid by either air or ground support. Should the situation warrant serious attention; crowd control methods would be implemented.

One possible scenario was the use of cluster bomb units (CBUs) that will emit upon detonation, a “sleep and kill” chemical weapon that will not disturb infrastructure, but is lethal to all living things within the effected zone. Santilli describes these particular 3 unit CBUs as shaped like water-heaters with a coned top and plunger-like device. Once deployed in the air, a parachute assists these CBUs to the targeted area. And when detonated, a deadly chemical gas will kill every human and animal in the specified cordoned area.

The acquisition of armory by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and contracts for bullet-proof glass for check-point booths to be positioned strategically throughout the nation on public highways have heightened awareness that the US government is preparing for a well-planned domestic military action. DHS armored vehicles have been sighted on highways in Kentucky.

When citizens attempt to capture the activity on film, some have their cameras confiscated; sometimes after a physical altercation.

On Google Maps, where known military bases were once visible, some strategic areas are now blurred out.

John (a pseudonym) was contracted by DHS to “fill in caves, mines and block trails”. Now these measures are being stepped up, as independent contractors are being brought to mountainous regions and told to block all entrances into the mountains, by way of caves and other areas where people could possibly “hide out in the hills” during a riot situation under declaration of martial law.

Forested areas in states like Montana, Missouri and Arkansas are being closed to the public while military activity is being witnessed by locals. Those commercially contracted civilians working in these areas are allocated parallel shifts and compartmentalized projects to provide for an intelligence controlled operation.

One informant relayed an incident where he was detained on a forest road by unidentified “paramilitary” officials that seized his rifle from the rack on the back of his vehicle.

Another source said that while traveling in a national forest park, he and his party were met by what appeared to be a military police officer who demanded that they turn back.

Residents in Pine Mountain, Georgia and Spruce Mountain, Nevada have had confrontations with US armed forces. When travelling in public national forested areas, military police with “automatic weapons” say that locals cannot gather wood in surrounding forested spaces (as they have traditionally done for decades). One man in particular had his rifle forcibly confiscated by unidentified armed men.

On dirt roads leading to the Lassen National Forest reserve, paving is being laid over the gravel roads. The locals know that secret underground drilling or tunneling is being conducted. Whenever they enter the park, they are quickly escorted out by heavily armed and quite menacing persons. Even once abandoned logging roads are beginning to see activity again.

Information coming out of reserve units in Arizona is that they are being put on official alert. Military personnel are being told by superiors not to schedule vacations and prepare to be on-call and on-duty indefinitely. According to one informant, these new assignments are not providing for deployment overseas, but rather for domestic service with the intimation that these deployments may have relation to civil unrest expectations.

In Lake Havasu, Arizona, and Colorado Springs as well as Fort Collins, Colorado, locals are coming forth to report that local fires may have been lit by foreign troops; specifically Russian forces that have been spotted in the area. These Russian troops are believed to be stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado.

Military drills, a.k.a. urban warfare, have been played out in many states by the Pentagon and other branches of the US armed forces.

In Plainville and Worchester, Massachusetts, surprised citizens witnessed last “Wednesday evening. . . military helicopters descended on the vacant Wood School [in] the late hours of the night in a scene that might have appeared to simulate the United States’ special forces attack on Osama bin Laden’s compound last year.” Many locals had their homes swooped down upon by black helicopters in an obvious display of military dominance over the general public.

Residents saw helicopters landing near Worcester Memorial Auditorium in Lincoln Square. Local newspapers were flooded with “telephone calls and e-mails . . . curious about what was happening.”

The local police claim they were unaware of the drills.

A US Army spokeswoman made a half-hearted apology for “any inconvenience or unforeseen disturbance.”

In Hollywood, Florida, DHS and the Hollywood Police Department have taken part in Master Rappelling training exercises (MPTE) with Blackhawk helicopters scheduled over various government-owned buildings. Details concerning the drills are being kept from the public for “security reasons”.

MPTE are special operations to teach law enforcement and military techniques in tactical rope and rappelling skills that can be used in helicopter deployment and advanced tactical training.

Just this month, foreign troops were caught at a Wal-Mart . They were travelling in what were described as “large government vans”.

Law-enforcement battalions have been created out of Camp Pendleton, California, consisting of specialized military police (SMPs) that would be deployed to assist in any event of civil disturbance, handling of detainees, use biometrics to identify suspects and conduct forensic work. Their assistance is not limited to conducting DUIs and writing speeding tickets in an effort to re-brand the Marine Corps as being more involved with average work now allocated to local law enforcement.

Moving around in white, unmarked vans, strange troops have been seen purchasing food and water at another Wal-Mart in Franklin, Indiana. Parading in military personnel fatigues where drone activity has been reported in Oklahoma City and black helicopters were spotted hovering over a construction site.

According to documents from the RAND Corporation, a planned event concerning a Police Stabilization Force within the US will be “a mix of military and police forces to deal with a range of threats.” The study explains:

• What the response should be
• The creation of a high-end police force
• Costs for this military/police collaborative force

Estimates are $637.3 million annually and including many federal agencies including: the US Marshals Service, the US Secret Service, the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) in the Department of State, and the US Army’s Military Police.

There is a media blackout concerning the “state of emergency” (code for martial law) that Anaheim, California residents have been under since the murder of a man by local police.

While protests have been conducted, residents say that “outsiders” are infiltrating peaceful demonstrations to stir up violence and ensure local and military police action against them.

While city officials are gearing up for “another large incident” and “another riot” protesters are coming forth to voice their distain at the “infiltrators” that attended a protest that ended with the fatal shooting of two Latino men.

During protest marches in Anaheim, the white, unmarked vans have resurfaced. This time unidentified “police” detained protesters and placed them into these vans.

Disclose.tvIs Anaheim Under Martial Law ?

The increased activity across the nation in conjunction with the mounting citizen reports of seeing military on their streets, conducting urban warfare drills, and spotting foreign troops have prompted public interest in the US government’s plans to enact a full-scale martial law in America – expected by the end of this year.

The more attention that is brought to these sightings and the more people come forward with information, the safer the American public will be. The US military have orders to shoot and kill all dissenters. They are being trained to confiscate guns and detain people in “internment” or FEMA camps. For the sake of continuity of government, they are being told to turn on their own fellow Americans.


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  1. Dean Counts
    Dean Counts 11 October, 2013, 21:49

    Eric you know you might sway more people to your side if you stopped insulting folks right off the bat.

  2. Dean Counts
    Dean Counts 11 October, 2013, 21:46

    The assumption that American troops would fire on American citizens I agree is mistaken, however as Steve P pointed out what DHS/NSA is doing is completely out of the norm. A retired US Army Colonel recently pointed out DHS has built a military force right under our noses so large and well supplied its on par with some allied nations armies.

  3. Dean Counts
    Dean Counts 11 October, 2013, 21:40

    Andrew is 100% correct, the vast majority of rank and file general enlisted soldiers are completely loyal to the people and the constitution as are most low/mid level officers and the people can count on them to defend them if they are attacked. Generals and some Colonels on the other hand are politicians in uniform sadly. You need to worry about DHS not the US Army, as a retired US Army Colonel recently said DHS has built an army on par with many nations.

  4. Kevin Donaldson
    Kevin Donaldson 6 October, 2013, 22:53

    Audrey Gail Linn All Troops swore to uphold the Constitution. Not elected idiots.

  5. Eric Tailgunner Gregory
    Eric Tailgunner Gregory 28 September, 2013, 22:42

    Seth you stupid fuck…..I am an ex truck driver. Ive hauled several Bradley tanks and several military troop transport vehicles (non tracked). Its pathetic ppl like you who wear rusty tin foil hats too big for your head. Keep crying little boy, and buy more kleenex.

  6. Diana Shugar
    Diana Shugar 25 September, 2013, 02:41

    I heard a military guy of some sort say that currently 60% of our military are foreign nationals – probably because our American military are either overseas fighting so Owhatacurse can let his MB gain more headways, and/or so many have been dropping out because they refuse to shoot Americans.

  7. Diana Shugar
    Diana Shugar 25 September, 2013, 02:39

    Here in Texas, right outside of Laredo, a bunch of Czech soldiers came into the all night Walmart there. The locals had NO IDEA they were close before then. Czech's are known for their specialty in chemical warfare.

  8. Michael DeLoach
    Michael DeLoach 23 September, 2013, 15:42

    Amen brother. What needs to happen is all active and reserve components need to bring it on home so to speak. Just pack up and leave the war zones of the world as well as whatever bases you're stationed at overseas and bring it all home. You have all the resources necessary to do it on your own and you don't need to wait for orders from congress or anyone else to do it. Once home join up with the national state militias, fellow vets and patriots into a united front of tens of millions of us. No nation or foreign army would dare stand against us if united. Even the domestic private armies would cower. We are the largest standing army by far in the world and everyone knows it. That's why no one will directly attack the homeland. Bring it all home and let's get this party started!

  9. Michael DeLoach
    Michael DeLoach 23 September, 2013, 15:30

    Yes Eric the military has always transported equipment this way…I'm ex-military AND I drive trucks too. But that doesn't mean they aren't being moved for other reasons now. Things are happening and if your head is too far up your own ass to recognize it fine…that's your business but stop with the old tired and worn out "tin foil hat" routine. Insulting those that are awake and seeing what's going on just makes you look like a still-asleep-head-in-the-sand prick. Roger that? 10-4

  10. Audrey Gail Linn
    Audrey Gail Linn 22 September, 2013, 02:17

    I thank God ,I love our soldiers..I stand up for our soldiers ..it breaks my heart what ya'll have had to suffer under this administration, and it would break my heart if ya'll were not on the side of Americans that believe in the Constitution. Thank You for your service and we won't be silent until Benghazi,Extortion 17 and other hidden agenda's are revealed .TRUTH

  11. Scott Holt
    Scott Holt 22 September, 2013, 01:31

    Praying you are right

  12. Seth Nasi
    Seth Nasi 22 September, 2013, 00:36

    it doesn't mean there not gonna try ..you fool

  13. Seth Nasi
    Seth Nasi 22 September, 2013, 00:35

    ERIC your stupidity is cause for a great
    laugh….nobody care if drive 18 wheelers

  14. Seth Nasi
    Seth Nasi 22 September, 2013, 00:32

    Eric your just another one of those ignorant fucking moron that cant put 2 and 2 together ..WAKE UP YOU DUMBASS

  15. Chris Boardman
    Chris Boardman 22 September, 2013, 00:26

    Steve Pearson Acutally, NATO CT forces have been training in this country for decades. No less the 500 foreign troops on our soul each year, sometimes more. Ever here of "Operation Red Dragon?" Guess not, your head has probably been up your arse. And yes, they train in urban warfare tactics. The laws of their own country prohibit such realistic training. Cities across America have hosted and are willing to host CT forces for training. They use abandoned buildings and things of that nature. I know these things because I worked with them. Enjoy your smell.

  16. Matthew Unger
    Matthew Unger 21 September, 2013, 23:28

    Right on, brother! With very few exceptions, those I have had contact with in the Army are NOT Obamabots. We're not too happy about having our benefits and pay cut. We're not happy with continual deployments. WHY would anyone think we would go along with this crap?

  17. Butch Griffin
    Butch Griffin 21 September, 2013, 20:53

    this is bullshit I was in the seabees for 16 years and there is no way the gov can take over every body in the us has guns. and the gov can not take over.

  18. Tim Stewart
    Tim Stewart 21 September, 2013, 20:49

    Eric Tailgunner Gregory……JOE BIDEN….IS THAT YOU??

  19. Steve Pearson
    Steve Pearson 21 September, 2013, 20:21

    …according to MY research, DHS, NSA, etc, has NOT always bought up all of the available ammunitions supply leaving the general population defenseless… NATO has NOT always had hundreds of troops in the US being trained in urban warfare tactics, we have NOT always had a racist tyrant as our president, in fact there is a HUGE list of warning signs in front of our eyes that have NOT always been present…. of course if you walk around with your head up your ass all the time, you just MIGHT fail to notice all these things happening around you…. maybe you should try pulling your head out for a while…. you won't even need a tin foil hat… dumbass!.

  20. Brian Derkacz
    Brian Derkacz 21 September, 2013, 20:16

    Ill be waiting mother fuckers…Live Free Or Die!!!!

  21. Steve Pearson
    Steve Pearson 21 September, 2013, 20:05

    … ,

  22. Kahlan Amnell
    Kahlan Amnell 21 September, 2013, 19:19

    Don't you think its a cheap and efficient way to transfer gear?

  23. Kahlan Amnell
    Kahlan Amnell 21 September, 2013, 19:18

    And not a damn thing happened in July, did it??

  24. Eric Tailgunner Gregory
    Eric Tailgunner Gregory 21 September, 2013, 18:02

    Think you need to readjust that rusted tin foil hat. Youre so ignorant. 1) The military has always transported military hardware since before the 1st Gulf War by rail, tractor-trailer, & military convoys. I know this for a fact because I drove 18 wheelers for a company that hauled military hardware from Bradleys to Abrahms tanks.

  25. Eric Tailgunner Gregory
    Eric Tailgunner Gregory 21 September, 2013, 17:59

    This is a pathetic article full of non facts, deceit, and outright stupidity. 1) the Military equipment has always been moved around by rail, tractor trailer, and convoy of mil-vehicle on roadways for retrofitting,repair of worn vehicles and equipment, troop reorganizations from 1 base to another (like 4th ID from Ft Hood to Colorado). Its truly pathetic that this article is even allowed to be posted without researching the facts of the past and present without talking to someone wearing rusted tin foil hats too big for their head.

  26. Eric Tailgunner Gregory
    Eric Tailgunner Gregory 21 September, 2013, 17:58

    This is a pathetic article full of non facts, deceit, and outright stupidity. 1) the Military equipment has always been moved around by rail, tractor trailor, and convoy of mil-vehicle on roadways for retrofitting,repair of worn vehicles and equipment, troop reorganizations from 1 base to another (like 4th ID from Ft Hood to Colorado). Its truly pathetic that this article is even allowed to be posted without researching the facts of the past and present without talking to someone wearing rusted tin foil hats too big for their head.

  27. Richard Whitmire
    Richard Whitmire 21 September, 2013, 17:24


  28. Matt McCauley
    Matt McCauley 18 September, 2013, 08:30

    I do not doubt any of this!

  29. Andrew Malicoat
    Andrew Malicoat 18 September, 2013, 07:21

    Why does everyone think the Military is going to pull this off? There is a reason they have reduced the number of soldiers in this country, attacked soldiers' rights, and stripped the defense budget. Its because we are the last hope of defending this land, and they want as few of us as possible. Now DHS, FEMA, NSA, etc… have all taken part in treasonous activities, have received major funding, and have been buying up the provisions to pull this off, so my guess is their individual paramilitary forces will be what we need to worry about. It wasn't the military executing martial law in Watertown…

  30. Vaios Papastergiou
    Vaios Papastergiou 17 September, 2013, 22:25

    I suggest that we all stick together, let YHWY guide us to light. Many of us will pass on but Lady Liberty WILL NOT! The enemie's arrows are pointed in the sky so let's get out our shields! Godspeed my fellow Americans! Shit is going to get crazy, AND FAST!

  31. Jafo Tacoa
    Jafo Tacoa 20 August, 2013, 05:55

    What the world leaders don't want u to kno…ishmeal by daniel quinn. What the ego doesn't want u to know…a new earth by eckhart tolle. Please pass it on. 🙂

  32. Rhonda Hawthorne
    Rhonda Hawthorne 29 July, 2013, 23:43

    there are a lot of youtube videos of many trains (miles long) hauling military jeeps, tanks etc.. u can hear people in the background saying wtf? are we going to war..

  33. Tanya M Stevens Bravo
    Tanya M Stevens Bravo 17 July, 2013, 10:56

    Wonder how many forest fires set purposely to thin out wooded areas…..have seen several trains seemingly dedicated to transporting military equipment. This is scary and I have no doubt about it's possibility, we already are living in straight up police states. Government goons and NSA spying make organising a "peaceful protest" impossible. It is hard to understand how givin a little bit of power fellow countrymen swiftly and with dedication turn on us. At a time when we should without hesitation stick together it is us against them. The people in power keep throwing things at us and people keep buying into them…..this Zimmerman plot is heading us right into martial law and they keep fanning the fire by ignoring black on white murders and sensationalizing white on black murder….to bad the people cannot see how they are being manipulated. That whole thing was rigged from the beginning and the jury (probably government plants) did as they were told. Obama bin laudin at a Black Panther Rally is utterly disgraceful after they put out a hit on Zimmerman….he ought to be censored and arrested for his stamp of approval.

  34. Julie Amos
    Julie Amos 15 July, 2013, 22:51

    This is very frightening indeed . Today July 15 , the National Scouting Jamboree begins in Virginia at a new site , called the Bechtel Compound instead of the military site where it has always been. There will be over 50,000 attending .There are warnings floating around of a false flag incident and FEMA and DHS have a scheduled drill . Doug Hagmann is warning of a DHS insider reporting that something big is going to happen in July and in October !! Pray nothing happens at this Jamboree to these young scout members !

  35. Stevie Cousino
    Stevie Cousino 13 July, 2013, 02:00


  36. Elizabeth Kern
    Elizabeth Kern 12 July, 2013, 18:29

    I saw a youtube post of a train that was hauling massive amounts of military gear a month or so ago and people were questioning why.

  37. Mike Grady
    Mike Grady 12 July, 2013, 18:18

    I am going to repost this on faceb.

  38. Jack Cheetham
    Jack Cheetham 2 July, 2013, 14:49

    It prevented my first message…so here goes…I saw a convoy of four trucks hauling tanks…I've seen those sand colored tanks before while being shipped to the Marine Base at 29 Palms…these were painted green camo…I haven't seen that since Vietnam Nam.

  39. Jack Cheetham
    Jack Cheetham 2 July, 2013, 14:46

    I sa a convoy in Southern California…four truck

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