Bill Gates: ‘Smarter’ Implementation of Common Core is Necessary

Bill Gates: ‘Smarter’ Implementation of Common Core is Necessary

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March 18, 2014


Bill Gates sat down with George Stephanopoulos on ‘This Week’ to discuss, among other things, the issue of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and whether or not it is a failure in its purpose of elevating educational levels in the US.

Gates turned the blame around on participants, educators, school faculty, parents and “various groups” for the “confusion” surrounding the launch of CCSS.

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Educator rejection of CCSS, down sliding student test scores and parental criticism have attributed to the dismal rolling out of CCSS.

Gates mentioned how the Tea Party has distorted the “facts”. Indeed, Gates proclaimed that because educational standards were so low before CCSS, students are having trouble with the new teaching style.

Gates asserted that CCSS “is not a federal takeover.”

After investing $75 million in CCSS, Gates proclaimed: “It’s such an exciting thing to have high standards, quality standards and consistent standards; I am disappointed that its implementation is at risk in some states.”

However, there is a solution, according to Gates, and it involves “smarter” implementation.

Gates said: “I believe ten years from now– kids’ confidence in math, kids’ scores in math can be improved a lot, where students feel like, ‘Yes, I get this, I’m not discouraged,’ it is so important. And, you know, these standards are the foundation for that…I think this is going to be big win for education.”

The smarter implementation Gates referred to could be his funded surveillance project for public schools called inBloom .

Student’s names, addresses, test scores, learning disabilities, attendance and disciplinary records are being uploaded into this $100 million database for use by private corporations contracted by individual school districts.

inBloom gives city officials, educators, students and their families the ability to view student information to facilitate the production of teaching tools such as text books to tailor them to the specific needs of students.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) published a document entitled, “Shifting into High Gear: Accelerating the Common Core through Teacher Networks” which creates “robust teacher networks to accelerate the impact of their efforts to support Common Core implementation.”

The College Ready Work (CRW) team is an off-shoot of the College Ready Strategy (CRS) provides “existing Foundation partners” to become “networks” for educators to ensure that CCSS is implemented “successfully”.

Brett Bigham, special educator in Oregon, praised CCSS in an op-ed piece that perfectly complimented Gates’ interview on mainstream television.

Bigham said: “As a teacher, I can find no reason whatsoever to make Common Core Standards a political issue.”

The Oregonian teacher claimed that “the groups that are fighting against the Common Core are the same groups who are pushing for standardized testing of all students” while later asking “how can an Oregon teacher be held responsible (and fired) because a student that they have had for five months is woefully behind their grade level?”

Bigham asserts as fact that if people are complaining about CCSS “then you haven’t read them.”

The US Chamber of Commerce, along with invested corporations and interest groups has produced television adverts directed at attacking oppositional ideology regarding CCSS.

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