6 New Domestic Robots That Are in Our Near Future

6 New Domestic Robots That Are in Our Near Future

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January 9, 2015


At the 2014 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) the domestic robot was featured because many corporations are interested in providing all-purpose highly specialized droids as home assistants.

Budgee is a robot developed by 5 Elements Robotics (FER) that can is tasked with assisting human in need and the elderly by becoming “part of the family unit” and integrating into “our society and mindset”.

Nick Lynch, lead engineer for FER, said “[Budgee] has a transmitter that the owner carries or wears and it pairs with the robot. Once they activate that and put it into follow mode it will follow the sensor wherever it sees it.”

Lynch said: “I have a co-worker whose father uses it to move a five gallon water bottle about the house, and it can be used for anything like that where you need an extra hand.”

Futurebot presented FURo-i Home , a generalized domestic robot, that is shaped like a cone and can take control of almost any Internet-connected smart device.

Se-Kyong Song, CEO of Futurebot, explained FURo-I “has many sensors, facial recognition and can detect the temperature.”

Song continued: “You can set it to wake up an elderly parent, remind them to take their medicine, eat breakfast and follow the rest of a schedule. And if something unexpected happens, it can send a message to the family saying there might be a problem and then let them talk to their parent via video chat to ask if they are OK.”

For gardening, Droplet is the robotic sprinkler that uses smart technology to conserve water while maintaining landscaping and gardens.

Using robotics, cloud computing and interconnected services, Droplet “keeps your plants healthy without wasting water by drawing upon a vast system of data to intelligently determine how best to care for your plants … [while] lowering sprinkler water consumption by 90%” overall.

Outdoor cooking has a robotic makeover with Grillbot . This device cleans any barbeque using a complex algorithm that will “run over every grill surface”.

This robot “runs the three motors in a pattern that looks random, but there’s an organization to the madness.”

Otus is a robot designed to make learning easy by utilizing iPad and Chromebook technology for educational purposes.

This “machine” was “designed by teachers” and revamps tablets and smartphones into integratable devices that “improve the learning experience”.

Otus facilitates educator’s ability to:

• Manage classrooms
• Create multimedia presentations
• Assess student work
• Recognize student behavior
• Engage students in discussions
• Poll students for feedback
• Gather and share resources among students and users
• Participate in community forums
• Enhance mobile teching

Meccano is a personal robot children that resembles the character Wall-E from the Disney film, that can be built using an “open source Robotic Building platform”.

This robot has a “MeccaBrain”, voice recognition software able to understand “thousands of phrases”; as well as “tell jokes, offer fun facts, play games” by using its learned intelligent movement (LIM) programming.

In fact, Meccano “can also be programed using a smart device that will connect via Bluetooth. The app will also allow you to program Meccano through a ‘ragdoll’ Avatar, record the movements and sounds to play with later and also share with your friends.”

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