5 Lies MSM Has Told About IRS Scandal to Gain Sympathy

5 Lies MSM Has Told About IRS Scandal to Gain Sympathy

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May 29, 2013





Mainstream media (MSM) claims that a portion of the Patriot groups targeted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) deserved the “extra scrutiny” because they were actually political organizations trying to hide under a social – welfare status and become tax-exempt under false pretenses.

Dozens of Tea Party groups spent money funding Republican candidate Mitt Romney in order to flood the election and cause President Obama to lose.

Some of those organizations guilty of this are:

• The Wetumpka Tea Party
• The Ohio Liberty Coalition
• CVFC, a conservative veterans group

These groups are being called out as “political operations” that were “set up for political reasons” to ensure specific “political goals”.

It was a legitimate flagging process that has been blown out of proportion by those targeted. Those Patriot groups simply did not want Obama to be re-elected and therefore used their tax-exempt organization illegally to promote the other candidate.

IRS agents inspecting those groups found propaganda proving their assumptions on the websites of the Patriot organizations. Because the information was displayed on the website, it was considered public and not protected by privacy laws.

Indeed, the latest twist to this on-going scandal is that the IRS was just doing their job.

The recent news concerning the IRS has the potentiality of forcing the general public to lose confidence in the tax system, according to MSM. It is claimed that the money syphoned by the IRS is used by “our federal government, providing the funds necessary to keep citizens safe” and the US government must keep the impression that “the system is working well”.

The Cincinnati Determinations Unit of the IRS was exposed as having discriminated against Patriot groups. MSM would like the audience to understand that the CDU-IRS have “a difficult job” and that when the scandal began “there was a sharp rise in the number of applications for tax-exempt status that the unit was charged with screening.”

Since there was a larger work load, how could the CDU-IRS be expected to operate appropriately? They were just stressed out and over-worked is the perspective the MSM would want us to have.

According to sources , the employees that were directed to target Patriot groups had different upper management to answer to; therefore muddying up the chain of command and further convoluting how to calculate who is actually responsible for disseminating the directive.

With these new assertions, the original story of rouge employees targeting Patriot groups without being told to do so is making less and less sense.

Since it is policy that if a tax-exempt application is not processed within 270 days it causes an internal “red flag” that draws attention and explanation, these applications should have been dealt with within that time frame automatically.

In Cincinnati, Ohio, the directive to target Patriot groups has been linked back to Cindy Thomas, program manager of the Tax Exempt division of the Cincinnati IRS.

Other theories to explain this phenomenon that have been concocted by the MSM is that IRS decided to cause financial problems for groups making critical statements about “how the country is being run” and educating the public “on the Constitution and Bill of Rights”.

Just like the US government’s claim during the Red Scare, this latest propaganda attempt to manipulate the public against groups that speak out can be referred to as a Brown Scare.

And just as militia groups are demonized as being extremists and homegrown terrorists, current times mirror the 1930s when the government (through a controlled media) led the charge that “the U.S. was about to be overwhelmed by ultra-Right fifth columnists, millions strong, intimately allied with the Axis powers.”

After the Oklahoma City Bombing, Former President Bill Clinton used the same tactic to make sure mainstream viewed Constitutional defenders as domestic terrorists.

To draw attention away from targeting “anti-government groups” believing in the restoration of our Constitutional Republic, reports claim that the IRS also ambiguously targeted groups that wanted to make “America a better place to live.”

The assumption by MSM as to why the IRS targeted the Tea Party is explained as: “What seems to have happened is that three years ago the IRS was facing an explosion of newly formed 501(c)4 groups claiming tax exempt status, something that’s legal only for groups that are primarily engaged in promoting education or social welfare, not electioneering. So some folks in the Cincinnati office tried to come up with a quick filter to flag groups that deserved extra scrutiny. But what should that flag be? Well, three years ago the explosion happened to be among tea party groups, so they began searching their database ‘for applications with ‘Tea Party,’ ‘Patriots,’ or ‘9/12’ in the organization’s name as well as other ‘political sounding’ names.’ This was dumb, and when senior leaders found out about it, they put a quick stop to it.”

Actually the situation as provided by exposed documents provided by MSM states that the IRS “adopted a more generic set of standards the next month, but it changed the criteria again in January 2012, deciding to look at ‘political action type organizations involved in limiting/expanding Government, educating on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, social economic reform movement,’ according to the audit documents.”

Jenny Beth Martin, national coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, does not accept the apology from the IRS. Martin said: “The Tea Party Patriots rejects the apology from the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS lied. They lied before Congress in 2011, and they lied again [in the agency’s apology]. We must know how many more lies they have been telling, and how high up the chain the cover-up goes.”

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