5 Facts Regarding the Capitol Shooting No One is Talking About

5 Facts Regarding the Capitol Shooting No One is Talking About

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October 4, 2013




Media is reporting on a shooting that occurred this week at the Capitol involving an alleged woman who “rammed a black Infiniti sedan into security posts near the White House and then drove toward Capitol Hill.”

This woman was report to have been suffering from “post-partum depression following the recent birth of her daughter.”

Officers who were at the scene “described” the woman as “having a mental illness.”

The woman in question is “believed” by authorities to be Miriam Carey, a 34 year old dental hygienist from Stamford, Connecticut.

Stamford Chief of Police John Fontneau said that “authorities were waiting on warrants to conduct the search [of Carey’s apartment]. Authorities did not anticipate finding any hazards but we’re not sure what we’re going to find when we enter the apartment.”

The residence where Carey was reported to have been living was “cordoned off” and “residents of about 50 units had been ordered out of the building.”

A photo of Miriam Carey was taken from a Facebook account because Carey “matches the description of the woman killed near the Capitol.”

However, whether or not the person shot by Capitol Police was Carey has not been confirmed because media is going on a belief provided by authorities and a picture of a person “that matches the description” authorities relayed without proper authentication.

And yet, the story of Carey is beginning to take shape in the official narrative. Media is quickly moving toward the image Carey is providing.

Carey is a single African-American mother of a 1 year old child who is in the hands of Child Protective Service (CPS). If Carey is not the person driving the black Infiniti sedan, who’s child is in CPS custody?

“Raw video” of the shooting was released by Alhurra TV.

In this video, the camera man conveniently shoots footage down a walkway with a woman carrying a sign when unobstructed to the left of the screen, a Capitol police car pulls up to several bollards at the end of the walkway that leads to the street. These are not barricades as is reported by media.

The Alhurra camera man waits 7 seconds and zooms into the scene before the woman holding the sign in the shot has time to react to the cars gathering behind her.

Three Capital Police cars surround the black Infiniti sedan.

It is quite noticeable that the windshield and other windows of the Infiniti are blacked out so that the driver (whether male or female) is not recognizable.

The Infiniti does not drive toward the bollards, but backs up as 5 officers descend on the vehicle. The car turns to drive away and when this happens, Capitol officers jump out of the way, allowing the car to leave the scene.

This is when several shots can be heard as the car makes its way out of the web of police cars to evade capture.

This footage, provided by Alhurra TV captures the essence of the scene which conflicts with other media reports and brings to mind a question: How could a scared, depressed single mother have the courage to threaten police officers who were surrounding the vehicle with guns drawn to escape the scene?

An average 34 year old single mother would have most likely been intimidated at the reality of having 4 Capitol Police vehicles surrounding her and guns ready to fire upon her at a moment’s notice.

Glossed over by the media; Alhurra TV entity that captured “raw video” of the shooting.

Alhurra TV is a broadcasting outlet that brings “objective, accurate, and relevant news and information to the people of the Middle East about the region, the world, and the United States.”

They support “democratic values” and use that ideology to expound to Middle Eastern nations.

Alhurra TV has “correspondents at the State Department, White House, Congress and the Pentagon” and “illuminates US policies and domestic debates” on issues concerning the Middle East.

The broadcasting network is an established foundation for think-tanks and US government officials to “provide a comprehensive view of US foreign policy as well as a better understanding of the American people and our system of governance.”

Alhurra TV is a “non-profit organization” that is “financed by the US government through a grant from the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG).”

The BBG is comprised of several influential people such as:

  • Michael Meehan, who “served in senior roles for U.S. Senators John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, Maria Cantwell and former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, two presidential campaigns, two U.S. House offices and congressional campaigns in 25 states”
  • Jeffrey Shell, current president of NBC Universal International, former “president of Comcast Programming Group (CPG)”, “Gemstar TV Guide International”, “FOX Cable Networks Group” working in entertainment and sports programming
  • Ryan Crocker, “dean of the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University” and “US ambassador to Afghanistan from 2011 to 2012.”
  • John Kerry, current Secretary of State and former chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC
  • Susan McCue, former chief of staff to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and current “Vice Chair of Humanity United and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.”

Questions abound with this incident that has nothing to do with drills that were simultaneously occurring. That is the distraction.

Factually speaking, someone driving what appeared to be a black Infiniti G35 was evading Capitol Police capture. They were able to skillfully maneuver their car from 4 police vehicles surrounding them and 5 officers with guns drawn and ready to shoot.

That person is not Miriam Carey because she has been identified by anonymous “police sources” and a picture purported to be the driver of the Infiniti is being matched with Carey to corroborate the official narrative.

Alhurra TV, the only outlet capturing raw footage of the incident, also happens to be a propaganda machine paid for by the US government as well as an illuminating presence with regard to foreign policy with correspondents in key factions of the federal government.

This “broadcasting network” happens to be run by the Secretary of State, the CEO of NBC, a member of the CFR and US ambassador to Afghanistan.

This latest shooting in DC begs such monolithic secrets surrounding it and plenty of distractions to lead many astray with rabbit holes and conspiracy.

Perhaps only the real owners of this country know who was driving that car and why they died.