Lawsuit being filed against Roberto Divkovic

Lawsuit filed against Roberto Divkovic

In late 2022, Roberto Divkovic, an Austrian national and CEO of IMP 1991 Plus DOO Beograd, was implicated in a significant investment fraud scandal. Promising high returns through gold trading ventures, Divkovic managed to attract numerous investors.

These investors were led to believe their money was being used for lucrative gold purchases from Africa to be sold to the National Bank of Serbia. However, instead of the promised profits, they found themselves defrauded, with the whereabouts of their funds remaining unknown as Divkovic has not disclosed what happened to the investments.

Continuous Broken Promises from Roberto Divkovic

Throughout 2023, Divkovic has made numerous promises to repay the defrauded investors. Despite his assurances, not a single cent has been returned. Victims and their legal representatives have faced a continuous stream of lies and deceptive tactics from Roberto Divkovic.

These false reassurances have only intensified the financial and emotional distress of the investors, who were already reeling from the initial betrayal​.

One investor, who preferred to remain anonymous, described the ordeal: “Every time we thought there was a breakthrough, another lie would surface. It’s been an exhausting and disheartening process”

Lawyers representing the victims have echoed these sentiments, expressing frustration at Divkovic’s evasive behavior and unfulfilled promises.

Legal Action Against Roberto Divkovic and IMP 1991 Plus DOO Beograd

In response to these fraudulent activities, legal proceedings have been initiated against Roberto Divkovic and his company, IMP 1991 Plus DOO Beograd.

Authorities are determined to bring him to justice and recover the lost funds. The evidence against Divkovic is overwhelming, and the investors’ lawyers are confident of a positive verdict from the court.

The legal action focuses on the clear discrepancies between Divkovic’s promises and the reality faced by the investors.