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House Bill to Stop TSA Stealing Loose Change From Passengers

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December 5, 2013



The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) have been collecting change left behind by travelers at airports and using it toward the civil aviation security (CAS).

According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) the CAS is an international security agency that relies on intelligence on passengers to determine an individual’s threat level.

Yet in 2012 alone, the TSA have an estimated $531,395 in dimes, pennies and nickels that have not been attributed to the CAS.

In fact, only about $6,500 has been spent toward the CAS, according to a report by the House of Representatives.

It will take legislation by the House to force the TSA to give this change to non-profit organization.

HR 1095, entitled, “TSA Loose Change Act” has been approved by the House and is being considered in the Senate.

This legislation would direct the TSA to turn over loose change found instead of pocketing it – since it did not belong to them in the first place.

House Representative Jeff Miller said: “What may seem like a small amount of change left behind … actually amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. [The bill] would ensure that thousands of coins, when bundled together, will be used in support of millions of our nation’s warriors.”

However, the shenanigans of the TSA do not stop at stealing loose change from passengers at airports.

The PreCheck program is another way to pay your abuser to protect you from abuse.

At the Indianapolis International Airport (IIA), the TSA will allow US citizens to enroll online to avoid being molested at check points.

Indeed, the PreCheck program enables to spend $85 for 5 years and circumvent the “pat-down”.

The program was designed to use obvious radical and ethnic profiling with the promise of an expansion of “additional specialized training”.

The TSA have announced that 25 million travelers have signed-up for PreCheck; giving over “biographic information” such as:

• Personal name
• Date of birth
• Home address
• Fingerprints
• Proof of citizenship
• Immigration documentation
• Payment information for verification

Ultimately, the TSA reserves the right to molest anyone at any airport to ensure security is not breached; regardless of whether or not the passenger has paid the bribe money to avoid pat-downs at checkpoints.

House Bill to Stop TSA Stealing Loose Change From Passengers
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