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FBI Memo: Anonymous Hackers Are a Widespread Problem

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November 18, 2013



Media is reporting that the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) claims that the hacktivist group Anonymous will attack more government websites, exploiting Adobe Systems software and “back doors”.

According to FBI investigators, information is being collected about a cyber-campaign which would compromise government computer systems.

Heather Edell, spokesperson for Adobe, had no familiarity with the FBI report.

Edell said: “The company has found that the majority of attacks involving its software have exploited programs that were not updated with the latest security patches.”

The focus of the report by the FBI centers on Lauri Love , a man arrested by authorities “for stealing employee personal information from the government.”

Law enforcement said that Love was “accused of working with a team of hackers to leave malware in networks for the U.S. Army, NASA and the Missile Command Agency, among others, that gave them back door access to networks and allowed them to come and go as they pleased.”

Paul Fishman, district attorney in New Jersey, said: “According to the indictment, Lauri Love and conspirators hacked into thousands of networks, including many belonging to the United States military and other government agencies. As part of their alleged scheme, they stole military data and personal identifying information belonging to servicemen and women. Such conduct endangers the security of our country and is an affront to those who serve.”

The Department of Justice (DoJ) described Love as a “sophisticated and prolific computer hacker who specialized in gaining access to the computer networks of large organizations, including government agencies, collecting confidential data including personally identifiable information from within the compromised networks, and exfiltrating the data out of the compromised networks.”

Love is attributed as having said in chat rooms: “You have no idea how much we can fuck with the US government if we wanted to. . . It’s o basically every piece of information you’d need to do full identity theft on any employee or contractor for the [government agency].”

The FBI asserts that the Love case is indicative of “a widespread problem that should be addressed.”

Last month, an indictment was filed in federal court in Virginia last month that claims 13 members of Anonymous were responsible for global cyber-attacks; including targets that did not process payments for WikiLeaks.

Operation Payback utilized Low Orbit Ion Cannon software to commit brute force attacks on specific websites. Direct Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks were also to have been committed by the group.

The indictment states that Anonymous targeted:

• ACS:Law firm that helped clients protect intellectual property rights
• Anti-piracy.nl, website for the BREIN Foundation
• The Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT)
• US Copyright Office (USCO)
• Bank of America Corp (BoA)
• Motion Picture Academy of America (MPAA)
• Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)

In February, Anonymous launched Operation Last Resort.

More than 4,000 banking executives tallied on a spreadsheet were published with account information, logins, credentials, IP addresses, hashed passwords, contact information; and cell phone numbers for bank presidents, vice presidents and more.

This spreadsheet was posted on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

Late last year, Anonymous hacked into the Department of Justice (DoJ) and will release the data they apparently siphoned, to a chosen media outlet.

FBI Memo: Anonymous Hackers Are a Widespread Problem
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