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Facebook & Google Poised to Begin the REAL Takeover

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December 18, 2013



Major tech corporations such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon are purchasing fiber optic cables used for the internet to become the suppliers of the information, servicing the internet themselves.

When a user visits Amazon.com, they are standing on private digital property and are subject to the rights and laws where the servers are housed.

This enables the governments, through direct contact with the literal connections to the internet via these corporations, the systematic control over the free flow of information continues on.

Regardless of SOPA, PIPA, ACTA or any other legislator action by governments, the ability for users to maintain their 1st Amendment rights on the internet is being placed into the hands of the corporations.

Google already owns more than 100,000 miles of global private FOC routes.

Facebook has recently installed a network that connects user information to the Arctic Circle Datacenter (ACD).

Both Microsoft and Amazon have invested in cloud services.

Google’s Project Link (PL) wants to build “fiber-optic networks, making it possible for local providers to connect more people to the Internet and each other.”

To attain the goal of creating a “faster, more reliable internet” PL is seeking to construct “fiber-optic networks” that “enables internet service providers (ISPs) and mobile operators to provide faster connections.”

Google said: “Beyond basic access, local providers will be able to offer new mobile data plans or high-speed Internet to support new services. With a fast fiber-optic network in Kampala, for instance, ISPs can better support the city’s entrepreneurs.”

This ideal location comes complete with high-speed undersea cables.

To solidify their influence over government, the titans of the internet, including Google, eBay, Amazon and Facebook, combined forces under the blanket of a newly formed lobby group that wants to influence lawmakers on how they can manipulate the internet as well as how important they truly are.

The lobby group is called the Internet Association , and is based in Washington, DC, and headed by Michael Beckerman, former adviser of the Energy and Commerce Committee within the House of Representatives.

The Internet Association’s goal is to control the perspective of elected officials on internet technologies, their uses and cooperation with various federal agencies. Their website claims they are “dedicated to advancing public policy solutions to strengthen and protect an open, innovative and free Internet.”

Beckerman explains : “The Internet isn’t just Silicon Valley anymore. The Internet has moved to Main Street. Our top priority is to ensure that elected leaders in Washington understand the profound impacts on the Internet and Internet companies on jobs, economic growth, and freedom.”

Facebook & Google Poised to Begin the REAL Takeover
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